What to do if there is insufficient breast milk?

Insufficient milk is a problem that many novice mothers may encounter during breastfeeding. If this happens, what should novice mothers do? Let’s take a look at the following methods. Mothers can choose according to the actual situation.

1. Strengthen the baby's sucking. Experiments have proved that after the baby takes milk, the prolactin in the mother's blood will increase exponentially. This is because the baby sucks the nipple, which can promote the mother's pituitary gland to secrete prolactin, thereby increasing the secretion of milk.

2. Avoid medication. During breastfeeding, medications must not be taken indiscriminately. Some drugs and foods will affect the secretion of milk, such as anti-thyroid drugs and hawthorn. If your wife is sick, it is best to take medicine under the doctor's orders.

3. Supplement nutrition. Various nutrients in breast milk come from the mother's body. If the mother is malnourished for a long time, it will naturally affect the normal milk secretion.

4. Maintain a good mood for the nursing mother. Mothers after childbirth, under the influence of physiological factors and environmental factors, the mood fluctuates greatly, and often a state of depression, which will restrict breast milk secretion. Medical experiments have shown that when a nursing mother is depressed, her milk secretion will decrease sharply.

5. Diet therapy. On the basis of the above measures, combined with lacto-promoting food, the effect will be more obvious. Foods such as trotters and peanuts have a good effect on the secretion of milk. A balanced diet is an important rule for breastfeeding mothers.

6. Nursing mothers should also attach great importance to water supplementation. Since mothers often feel thirsty, they can add water when breastfeeding, or drink more soups such as fresh fish soup, chicken soup, fresh milk, and boiling water. It is sufficient to supplement the water in a moderate amount, so that the supply of milk will be sufficient and nutritious.

7. Delay weight loss. Mothers who are eager to lose weight in order to restore their body can hardly guarantee the supply of milk. It is recommended that breastfeeding mothers should wait until the lactation period is over before controlling their diet to lose weight. In fact, breastfeeding has consumed a lot of calories. As long as the mothers do not eat too much, and do some postpartum exercises, they can avoid the accumulation of fat.

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