What toothbrush does a one-year-old baby use?

When the baby is about one year old, he has about seven or eight teeth. At this time, you can brush your baby's teeth, which can not only cultivate your baby's tooth brushing habit, but also prevent your baby's tooth decay. What toothbrush does a one-year-old baby use? The main requirements are as follows:

1. Finger toothbrush. Brush your one-year-old baby's teeth, preferably without toothpaste. Parents can use finger toothbrushes, clean water or water with tooth protector for babies to brush their teeth to prevent the baby from swallowing toothpaste and affecting the body.

2. Clean gauze. One-year-old baby's teeth brushing is mainly done by the parents. You can also use a clean soft gauze to clean your baby's teeth before the baby goes to bed or after drinking milk without using a toothbrush. You can also try to let your baby learn to spit out the water that brushes his teeth and develop a habit.

3. Soft and small toothbrush. You can buy a small toothbrush specially designed for infants and young children to brush your baby's teeth. Note that the bristles of the baby toothbrush should be soft and the brush head should be small. Do not use an adult's toothbrush to brush your baby, so as not to damage the baby's mouth and gums. Do not use toothpaste when brushing your one-year-old baby's teeth.

For a one-year-old baby, teeth can be cleaned appropriately to avoid tooth decay. However, to choose a suitable toothbrush, you can use finger toothbrushes, clean gauze or special toothbrushes for toddlers. Just use clean water to brush your baby's teeth. Do not use salt water or toothpaste, which will not affect the baby.