When is the baby carrier waist stool used?

What is a baby carrier waist stool?

What is a baby carrier waist stool? In fact, baby carrier and waist stool are two things. The baby carrier is mainly used for mothers-to-be for hiking and long-distance walks. It uses straps to tie the child to the body so that the arms can be free for other tasks. The waist stool is a tool for holding babies that has only been popular in the past two years.

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1. Infant slings generally have five types of baby slings: horizontal hug, front hug, face-to-front, face-to-face, and back. At the same time, there are special, dual-purpose, three-purpose and other multi-functional straps due to different holding methods. There are many kinds of straps, but the usable period will be limited by the baby's weight.

2. When using a baby carrier, the main mother's rhythmic movements can not only ease the baby's crying and unhappiness, but also enhance the relationship between both parties. The backpack can be carried in front of or behind the body. Long-term use of rucksacks can increase the strength of the parents’ legs, neck and shoulders.

3. The baby waist stool simply means a baby holding tool similar to a stool hung on the waist. The baby sits on the waist stool, and the use of the waist stool for the baby for a few months depends on the baby's development.

4. Experts suggest that generally babies can only use the baby carrier waist stool when they can sit at least. It is best not to let the baby sit too early, which is not conducive to the development of the spine.

When is the baby carrier waist stool used?

New mothers should pay attention to the fastness when purchasing harnesses and waist stools. Strong and wear-resistant is the primary condition. Secondly, look at the pins. All pins must be meticulous. In the interface and stress points, double safety lines are required. So, when should the baby carrier and waist stool be used? In fact, the age of the harness and the waist stool is different. Let's take a look!

Generally speaking, for babies under 4 months of age, because the bones are too soft, it is best not to use a sling, otherwise it will affect the baby's bone development. You can use the holding towel, using the front-back style, so that the baby "lays" on the holding towel, and the parents can support it with both hands. This not only makes the baby more comfortable, but also saves the parents' effort.

The waist stool can generally be used by babies after 6 months. It will be easier for mothers to walk for a long time or use a baby waist stool when going out. When using, the center of gravity will be behind the waist, which can reduce the burden on the waist. But it will increase the burden on the shoulders, and the safety is not as good as the baby carrier.

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