When is weaning best for the child?

When a baby is born, the only food that can be eaten is milk, and it is best to eat breast milk, which is very beneficial to the growth and health of the child. When the baby is six months old, he needs to take a small amount of supplementary food, but at this time, it is still necessary to take milk. So, when is the best time for a child to be weaned?

It is best to wean your baby around two years of age. Many mothers will start weaning their babies around one year old. However, according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, it is best to breastfeed your baby until two years of age. If conditions permit, Bao Ma should be weaned when the child is two years old, and everyone does not need to pay attention to other people's gossip. Therefore, it is necessary for Baoma to have a breast pump.

Before the baby is two years old, the body’s resistance and immunity are still relatively low, and it is easy to be infected by bacteria and viruses. There are a lot of immune substances in breast milk, which can deliver antibodies to the child and reduce the risk of illness. The chance of illness. In addition, there are no additives or hormones in breast milk, and there is no fake or inferior situation. It is the best food for children, so it should be after the child is two years old that the body's resistance improves before weaning.

Mothers should pay attention to choosing the right time for weaning their children, and do not wean them when their children are in poor health. If the baby is sick, weaning needs to be postponed, and it is not too late to wait until the baby is healed before weaning.