When should my baby start brushing teeth?

When a baby's first tooth grows varies a lot. Some are born with one tooth. Again for others, tooth growth does not begin until 6 months or more. In any case, you should start with your baby's dental care from the first tooth. You can also start with teething. This is how your little one gets used to the baby toothbrush.

But why is regular dental care important even as a baby? When you start giving complementary foods, they often contain sugar. This is also present in the children's teas. This sugar can cause tooth decay in milk teeth. Constantly rinsing the teeth with fluid can also damage it. To prevent this from happening, it's important to brush your baby's teeth.

For babies, dental care is recommended while they are on the changing table. As your sweetheart gets bigger and older, you can take him or her on your lap and clean their teeth while sitting.

But not only brushing your teeth is important for babies. Deposits collect on the tongue. You should rid them of these too. This also works best with the soft baby toothbrush. But also special tongue cleaners remove the unpleasant deposits very well.

From around 18 months, your little one can start cleaning their own for the first time. Here, however, it is necessary that you brush your teeth again afterwards. The fine motor skills of the fingers, which are necessary for brushing their teeth, are only fully learned by the children when they are writing. It is therefore an advantage if you brush your children's teeth up to around the first grade and clean them again if necessary.

Silicone Baby Toothbrush

As with adults, you should also brush your baby's teeth twice a day. This will get him or her used to the correct routine. Brushing your teeth is simply part of everyday life. To make it even more normal for your little one to brush their teeth, you can take your sweetheart with you to your morning or evening routine in the bathroom.
Brushing your teeth without toothpaste is sufficient at first. Moisten the soft baby toothbrush with water and carefully brush the baby's first teeth. Later you can also use a baby toothpaste. However, only use them once a day up to the age of 2 years.

At the age of 2, you can brush your baby's teeth with toothpaste twice a day. Especially at the beginning, your little one may become very restless and not keep still. In these cases, many parents made the experience that with songs and fun, the ritual of brushing teeth is accepted by the children more quickly and with less stress. You can also include poems or stories. Depending on what your little one likes best.