Which parts of the breast pump cannot be sterilized by high temperature?

The baby has a small belly, and sometimes it is difficult to drink milk well, and the milk is always intermittent. In this case, whether it is breast milk collected with a breast pump or prepared milk powder, it is easy to get cold. To solve this problem, a milk warmer was born, which can warm milk at any time, providing convenience for mothers. So, what is the correct way to use a bottle warmer? And because the baby’s immunity is still very fragile, parents pay special attention to disinfection of the baby’s appliances. Moms may be accustomed to the high temperature disinfection method of boiling, but not all appliances can be disinfected at high temperature. Then, what are the accessories for the breast pump Can't it be sterilized by high temperature?

Water-Free bottle Warmer

The correct way to use the bottle warmer:

1. Add a proper amount of water to the milk warmer, either warm or cold water. (After the right amount is poured, the water will not overflow when you put it in the bottle, it's just the best)

2. Put the milk that needs warming into the water of the milk warmer. (Note that instead of pouring the milk that needs to be warmed directly into the milk warmer, you put the milk bottle in the milk warmer)

3. Cover the lid and adjust the milk warmer to the required temperature for heating.

4. After heating, adjust to a constant temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.

The milk can be taken out of the warmer at any time.

For the health of the baby's intestines and stomach, the sterilization of the breast pump is extremely important. Mothers who are accustomed to high temperature sterilization should pay attention. Some breast pump accessories cannot be sterilized by high temperature, such as: horn massager and horn head. You can use high temperature sterilization when you first buy it, but this method will shorten it when you buy it. Its service life; the tube may be broken if it is sterilized by high temperature, so it can be sterilized by hot water; the body of the electric breast pump cannot be sterilized by high temperature.