Which vaporizer is better for electric baby bottles and microwave sterilized baby bottles?

Vaporizers used for baby bottles should not be confused with vaporizers used for smoking or perfume and herbal medicine. The only thing they have in common is that the liquid or vapor is vaporized, that is, atomized. In this case, steam is used to sterilize baby bottles. Ideally, not only the containers of drinking utensils, but also suction devices or baby pacifiers should be sterilized. If the material is heat-resistant, bacteria can be removed from most evaporators.

Many buyers want to know what is the difference between an evaporator and a sterilizer. Sometimes these two terms are used as synonyms. This is also correct, because the evaporator is always also a sterilizer. However, strictly speaking, the evaporator is a steam sterilizer. These are particularly popular as sterilization equipment for baby bottles. Since hot steam effectively kills pathogens due to temperature, this type of disinfection is also used in hospitals.

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