Whose will the baby's appearance be inherited?

1. Looks inherited father

Most babies' faces still look a little more like their fathers. Some scientists believe that this is a manifestation of the human instinct of "self-preservation", because it is very clear who the mother is, while the father is not so sure, so it must be like a father. This can also encourage fathers to devote more care to their children.

2. Skin tone

Always follow the natural law of "multiply first and then average", leaving people no choice. If the parent’s skin is black, there will never be a white-skinned child; if one is white and the other is black, most of them will give the child a "neutral" color, and it will also appear More one-sided situation. Double eyelid: Double eyelid is a dominant inheritance, and the life baby of single eyelid and double eyelid is likely to be double eyelid. But parents are single eyelids, and generally children are single eyelids.

3. Nose

Generally speaking, the nose is large and tall, and the width of the nostrils dominates. One of the parents has a straight nose, so it is very likely to be passed on to the child. The nose gene will continue into adulthood. When a child has a short nose, it may become a tall nose in adulthood.

4. Obesity

Children have a 53% chance of becoming obese. If one parent is obese, the probability of obesity will be reduced to 40%. This shows that about half of obesity and non-obesity are determined by human factors, so parents can make their bodies symmetrical through reasonable diet and adequate exercise.

5. Bald

The Creator seems to prefer women, so that baldness is only passed on to men. For example, if the father is bald, the probability of inheriting to the son is 50%. Even the mother's father will leave the 25% probability of baldness to his grandson. This genetic tendency to pass on from men to women makes men helpless.


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