Why are UV sterilizers widely used in confinement centers

Why are UV sterilizers widely used in confinement centers? Many pregnant women now choose to be in the confinement center. The mother and child care offered by the confinement center is very popular. For newly born children and mothers who have just given birth, their bodies are very fragile. At the confinement center, we believe in the power of scientific management. Therefore, the confinement center will also find ways to make the mother and child comfortable, safe and healthy. In addition to diet and exercise, the confinement center also attaches great importance to providing a very healthy breathing environment for the mother and child. This is why the confinement center installs and uses ultraviolet sterilization. Device.

When the UV sterilizer developed by Grownsy kills viruses and bacteria, humans do not need to leave, and it is true that humans and machines can coexist safely. This machine adopts a high-reflectivity aluminum reflector imported from Germany with a special optical design, which can concentrate the 360° irradiated lamp tube to a certain irradiation angle, which increases the intensity of the irradiation range several times, thereby increasing the effect of disinfection and sterilization. An optical glass with high light transmittance is added to the light outlet, which can block mosquitoes and dust from entering in a special environment. Increase the service life of the ultraviolet lamp tube, which is convenient to replace the lamp tube in time.

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