Why can't babies blow their hair after shampooing?

Hair dryers, also known as hair dryers, are common daily necessities in our lives, and we adults feel that there is no problem with hair dryers, but do you know whether babies can use hair dryers to blow their hair? Some mothers usually use hair dryers to blow their hair after washing their babies. Dry, worrying that the hair is wet and easy to catch a cold and will catch a cold. In fact, this method is wrong, because the hair dryer is not good for the baby's health.

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Many mothers have this question. Why can't babies blow their hair after washing their hair? How much harm do you know? Because the baby's head and body organs are not fully developed, they are relatively fragile and their skin is relatively tender, so they can't use a hair dryer. It's easy. In the hot wind, babies with less hair may cause damage to the hair roots. In addition, hair dryers have radiation, which affects the baby’s brain development.

After the baby has washed his hair, he should do this:

If the baby is under 1 year old, just use a dry towel to dry it lightly. Do not use too much force, because the baby’s brain development is not perfect, if too much force will hurt the baby, and the baby can wash 1-2 per week For the second hair, keep your hair clean and hygienic. If it is hot in summer, you can increase the number of shampoos. If it is winter, you need to reduce the number of shampoos. You can increase or decrease the number of shampoos according to the temperature or weather at the time. You have a cold, so dry your hair as soon as possible after washing,

Once again, babies don’t need a hair dryer when they are young, and don’t blow a fan or air conditioner!

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