Why don't six-month babies love breastfeeding?

As a parent, of course, I hope that the baby will eat well and sleep well, and eat everything very diligently. But if you encounter a baby who doesn't like breastfeeding, it will really bring a lot of troubles to the mothers and dads of Baoma. Let's study the baby's "not cold" for breastfeeding in the next six months? Why don't babies at six months like breastfeeding? In fact, with the passage of time, babies’ physical development and sensory functions become more mature, and they begin to become curious about the surrounding environment and like to explore. Naturally, they are easily distracted from “eating”, which is the main reason for being tired of milk. When there are still some objective factors that cause the baby to be tired of milk.

Breastfeeding babies don’t like pacifiers: this is the most common cause, and most breastfeeding babies will encounter this problem. While we are feeding the baby contentedly, we often don't expect it to be so difficult for the baby to accept the pacifier.

Don't like the smell of milk powder: Although the baby is young, he has his own ideas and tastes. The baby may not like the smell of this milk powder. At this time, mothers should choose some better-tasting dairy brands.

When the baby is in the physiological period of anti-milk, usually the baby will have two periods of physiological anti-milk, one is at 4 months and the other is at 6 months. After 6 months, the baby is generally tired of milk, so if it is a 6-month baby If you don't like breastfeeding, it is very likely that your baby has entered a period of physiological anorexia.

The feeding method is wrong: because the angle of the bottle is improper, it presses on the tongue, so that the baby can't drink the milk, it is best to put the bottle gently into the baby's mouth at a 45-degree angle. The mothers here are all masters, so they don't know how to do this.

Oral or other diseases: Occasionally, if you do not take milk powder for a long time, or you may cry or lose your energy, you may have physical problems.

What to do if a six-month baby doesn't like breastfeeding

If a six-month-old baby doesn't like breastfeeding, mothers don't need to panic too much. Instead, they can judge the cause of the baby's dislike of breastfeeding based on the baby's dislike of breastfeeding. If it is caused by the baby’s health, you must seek medical treatment. If it is physiologically caused by anorexia, mothers don’t have to force their babies to take milk, because generally six-month babies can add complementary foods. The baby is nourished.

Also choose a suitable pacifier, because pacifiers are often a major factor that causes babies to be tired of milk, so mothers also need to be extra careful when choosing a pacifier, although the best pacifier and the feeling of eating mother’s milk will still be different. But you can choose a pacifier that is closer. In the selection of the material of the pacifier, you can buy a few more styles to see which one your baby prefers. You can also let your baby eat more meals. If the baby doesn't like breastfeeding and eats very few meals, eat a few more meals. Feed the baby if you have the opportunity, don't eat it, don't force the baby, you can try to feed the baby milk before the baby eats supplementary food, if the baby still doesn't like milk, then feed it directly.

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