Why use an electric breast pump?

The electric breast pump may be the device for you if you are desperately short on time. In fact, all you need to do is press a button to extract the milk. The breast pump is primarily used by active women who cannot breastfeed during working hours. Thus, it is enough to fill the necessary bottles during the hours at the nursery in the morning before going to work.

But, the electric breast pump is also effective in adopting the shared bottle. If the dad wants to be more involved in the life of parents, just use a breast pump. Thus, he can also bottle-feed during the day, but especially at night while mom is resting.

Afterwards, we all know that motherhood is not always a long, quiet river. If you suffer from sore nipples, this equipment allows you to express milk without harming you. Also, if you suffer from engorgement, it helps to empty the breast quickly to soothe the pain.

Sometimes breastfeeding can be a difficult time for both mom and baby. On the one hand, your little one may have trouble sucking because it's premature or the tip of your breast is too flat. In this case, it is better to extract the milk first and bottle-feed it. On the other hand, your breasts may not be producing enough milk. Note that this device naturally increases milk production.

In any case, this material offers an innovative solution to parents with greater speed, efficiency and comfort.