10 key diets for a smart baby!

10 key diets for a smart baby!

Sep 22, 2021XieYifang

Nutritional prenatal education, pay attention to pregnant women's dietary conditioning, not only take care of pregnant women's taste, but also pay attention to food nutrition to ensure the material needs of pregnant women and fetuses.

Specifically, according to the characteristics of fetal development in the early, middle and late stages of pregnancy, pregnant women are reasonably guided to obtain the 7 nutrients (ie protein, fat, carbohydrate (sugar), minerals, vitamins, water, and fiber) in food. ) To prevent the peculiar diseases during pregnancy by means of food supplement and diet therapy.


One month pregnant

Blood circulation begins, thyroid tissue, kidneys, eyes, ears are formed, limbs begin to develop, brain, spinal cord, mouth, and digestive tract are formed. It is advisable to supplement calcium, iron, copper, and vitamin A on the basis of balanced nutrition and a balanced diet. Contained in red and green vegetables, fish, eggs, animal liver, offal, and cod liver oil.

Second month of pregnancy

Cranial nerves appear, muscle nerves and basic skeleton are formed. It is advisable to increase the intake of fat, protein, calcium, vitamin D, milk, fish, and eggs; muscle development, oral and nasal cavity development, trachea and bronchus appear, the liver produces red blood cells, and magnesium needs to be supplemented , Calcium, phosphorus, copper, vitamins A and D, mainly contained in eggs, milk, cheese, fish, yellow-green vegetables, cod liver oil; the development of the stomach is completed, the optic nerve is formed, and the sex organs are differentiated. Vitamin B1, B2, and vitamin A should be supplemented , Germ rice, malt, rice bran, yeast, milk, animal organs, egg yolks, carrots, beans are rich in content; the formation of fetal fingers, lips, ears, supplement protein, calcium, iron, vitamin A intake, it is advisable to increase the diet Milk, eggs, meat, fish, beans, yellow-green vegetables.

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