How old can a baby eat chocolate?

How old can a baby eat chocolate?

Sep 22, 2021XieYifang

Chocolate has a sweet taste and is one of children's favorite snacks. However, due to its high-calorie and fat-inducing characteristics, chocolate is generally not suitable for babies to eat. Then, how old can babies eat chocolate? Let's take a look at the detailed explanation below!

How old babies can eat chocolate Answer: Generally, children under 3 years old should not eat chocolate. Older children should eat chocolate in moderation. In addition, milk and chocolate should not be eaten together. Is it okay for babies to eat chocolate? Answer: Eat with caution. Pay attention to identifying the ingredients of chocolate, try to choose dark chocolate with more than 50% cocoa content. Do not eat "cocoa butter substitute" chocolate because it contains a lot of highly saturated fats and even trans fatty acids, which is not good for your health.


Ten major hazards for babies eating chocolate 1: Uncoordinated nutritional structure Chocolate is a kind of high-calorie food, but the fat content is high. The protein, inorganic salt and vitamins needed for the baby’s growth and development are all contained in chocolate. Low. This ratio does not meet the nutritional needs of the baby's growth and development, so that the baby cannot get all the nutrients needed for growth and development. Hazard 2: Produce a feeling of fullness. Chocolate contains more fat and stays in the stomach for a long time. It is not easy to be digested and absorbed by the baby. After eating, the baby does not want to eat. The special taste of chocolate will reduce the sensitivity of taste, when the baby eats normal foods, it will feel bland and tasteless, causing loss of appetite. Hazard 3: Influencing appetite Chocolate is a very tempting food for babies. If the baby eats too much chocolate before meals, it will produce a feeling of fullness, reduce the level of hunger, and cause anorexia. When it's time to eat, he will lose his appetite. Even the best meal can't be eaten, but he will feel hungry again after the meal time, which disrupts the normal routine of life and good eating habits. Hazard 4: Affect digestion and absorption The cellulose in food can stimulate the normal peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract, while chocolate does not contain cellulose. Chocolate contains a lot of fat and does not contain cellulose that can stimulate normal gastrointestinal motility, thus affecting the digestion and absorption function of the gastrointestinal tract. Hazard 5: Inducing abdominal pain. Eating too much chocolate will easily produce a large amount of gas in the gastrointestinal acid reflux, which is easy to induce baby's intestinal colic, and increase intestinal gas and cause abdominal pain. Hazard 6: Stimulate the nerves Chocolate contains substances that excite the nervous system. It has a common effect with chocolate caffeine, which can excite the baby's nervous system and make the baby unwilling to fall asleep, crying, and restless sleep. It also has certain adverse effects on children's cerebrovascular and heart. Therefore, babies should not eat a lot of chocolate. Hazard 7: It’s not good for teeth. Chocolate is sticky and sweet. Tooth decay will occur if you eat more chocolate. It is easy to form cavities if you eat it before going to bed. Therefore, the baby must eat less chocolate and water after eating it will not affect the baby. Long tooth. Hazard 8: Affect bone growth Chocolate contains a certain amount of oxalic acid, which can interfere with the body's absorption of calcium and affect the baby's bone growth. Hazard 9: Easily cause epistaxis. Chocolate is a high-calorie food. If you eat too much, it will turn into fat and accumulate in the body. There is also caffeine in chocolate, which can easily increase the flow of blood vessels and cause fat to accumulate in the blood vessels. Especially if you eat it in winter, the weather is cold and dry, and your baby will get angry easily. Hazard 10: Excessive consumption will make you fat. When the baby's stomach is not good, chocolate contains a lot of sugar and fat. Excessive consumption of chocolate will take in a lot of sugar, which will be converted into fat in the body. It is difficult to not get fat. For the baby to have a good figure, it is better to control the baby to eat chocolate.

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