13 sports that can promote development

13 sports that can promote development

Sep 26, 2021XieYifang

1. Take a walk

During the walk, you can alternately walk, run, jog and stride forward. While walking, play an observation game of finding something, or collect feathers and leaves to play. You can also hold musical instruments or flags at home, and take your children on foot like a military parade.

2. Playing in the sand

Bring your child's beach toys to exercise his ability to operate.

3. Playing in the water

Small pools, sprinklers in the garden, or soft hoses for watering flowers can motivate children to play, run, and touch the water. It's just that you have to watch over when your child is playing in the water.

4. Set up an obstacle course in the living room or yard

Use cushions, paper boxes, toys, or other things as obstacles to allow children to run around or climb over.

5. Imitation game

Children like animals. Ask the baby: "Can you learn to walk with a chick? Can you jump like a horse? How can a puppy run?" Or encourage the child to "fly" in the yard or "row a boat" in the room like an airplane.

6. When the baby is playing with other children, let them play a game of catching people with different rules.

For example, the "Wooden Man" game and so on.

7. Ball games

Games that include kicking, throwing, and catching are great exercises, but when your baby is this big, try not to make the rules too complicated.

8. Dancing to the music

Letting children listen to different types of music and playing musical instruments can also promote their physical development. Or listen to music while doing movements. Many familiar songs or nursery rhymes are used to strengthen fine motor skills through finger games, such as "Weaving, Weaving, Little Spider".

9. Pull a rope on the ground

Let the child pretend to walk a tightrope or plank on a pirate ship to exercise balance.

10. Washing vegetables and fruits

Everything used with water and foam is very fun. Blow bubbles into the air and let the child catch them.

11. Teach your children to play the games you played when you were a kid

These will be new and interesting for your children, such as "riding a bamboo horse", "throwing a handkerchief", "throwing a sandbag" and so on.

12. Acting in a puppet show

Use finger puppets, socks or toys to squat behind the table with the child to perform.

13. Use all methods except the drawing board at home to exercise children's fine motor skills

Help the child draw a house on the open ground with coarse chalk, write numbers on the ground or in the flour with a small stick, etc.

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