3-year-old baby's height and weight

3-year-old baby's height and weight

Sep 26, 2021XieYifang

3-year-old baby's height and weight index

3-year-old male treasure: weight (kg) 13.0-16.4, height (cm) 91.1-98.7

3-year-old female treasure: weight (kg) 12.6-16.1, height (cm) 90.2-98.1

3 year old baby weight standard measurement formula

3-6 years old weight (kg) = age × 2 + 7 (or 8).

The growth law of 3-year-old baby's height standard

After the child is born, parents must pay attention to the child's development. It is best to measure the baby's weight and height regularly. This will enable you to understand the child’s development in time, and take some measures as soon as possible when abnormalities occur. So, what is the growth law of the height standard for a 3-year-old baby?

The height of a 3-year-old baby is affected by gender factors. The height standard for 3-year-old boys is 86.4-109.5cm, and the average height is 97.5cm, and the height standard for 3-year-old girls is 85.5-108.6cm, and the average height is 96.3cm. If the child's height deviates from the standard by 10%, whether it is over or under, it is an abnormal situation.

The height growth of a 3-year-old baby is not uniform, and there are great differences between individuals, because there are many factors that affect the height of a child, such as genetic factors, which have a great impact on height. So the height of a child should be compared with his own past, it is meaningless to compare with others.

If the baby has a slow growth in height, most of it is not caused by an acute disease. It is usually caused by some chronic cause, such as the child's usual nutritional status. Many parents go to the hospital to check trace elements when their children are not tall enough. In fact, you should pay attention to the child's feeding method and appetite at this time, and you need to adjust the baby's diet to make the child's nutrition more adequate, which is conducive to growing taller.

Ability development indicators for 3-year-old babies

language skills:

1. Basically master the spoken language of the mother tongue. 3-year-old children have basically mastered the spoken language of their mother tongue.

2. Situational language. Only by combining the situation at this moment, supplemented by gestures and expressions, can a more complete meaning be expressed, and it is possible for adults to understand children's thoughts.

Athletic ability:

1. The baby can walk, run, jump, stand, squat, sit, touch, climb, roll, climb, jump, and jump over obstacles.

2. The baby is already able to shoot, catch and roll the ball, and can catch a ball thrown from 2 meters away.

3. It takes more concentration to stand on tiptoe or stand on one foot for more than a second.

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