4 ways to exercise the newborn's vision

4 ways to exercise the newborn's vision

Aug 31, 2021XieYifang

The visual development of newborns is relatively slow, so they should gradually form their vision through external exercises. Today I recommend these 4 ways for you to promote the vision of newborns.

Face-to-face method

Newborns like to look at their mother's face most. When the mother looks at him, the baby will look at her mother's face intently, his eyes become bright, and he looks very excited, and sometimes even dances and dances. When some babies and their mothers are looking at each other, they will even pause sucking and stare at their mothers. This is the most perfect emotional communication for human beings, and it is also the most basic visual ability training.

You can usually play with hidden cats. During training, the mother can cover the baby’s eyes with a piece of gauze (note that the time should not be too long), and then the mother hides her face aside and says to the baby, "Where is the mother?" Remove the gauze from the baby's eyes, put his face close to the baby's face and say, "Mom is here!"


Mini flashlight method

Most babies not only like to look at the faces of their parents, but also like to look at the light. Since newborns’ eyesight is still relatively weak, you can use a mini flashlight (a little bit of light is fine, but not too strong) to train your baby’s visual ability. First place the mini flashlight on the side of your baby’s sight, about 25 to 30 cm away from your baby’s face. In the first month, your baby will stare slightly; when you are 1 month old, if you slowly move the flashlight to the side When you move, your baby's sight will follow your movements; generally, it will take until 3 months of age before your baby can complete the visual action of capturing objects 180 degrees left and right.

Dynamic toy method

Where there is static, there is dynamic. We can exercise the gaze of newborns through static exercise, but if we let children capture moving objects. You need to use dynamic toys to train. Newborns themselves like to look around. Mothers can use some things to guide them, so that irregular watching becomes chasing. This is the best practice for children's vision.

Static toy method

When a newborn baby wakes up, he will open his eyes and look around. At this time, he can prepare a few wall charts for the baby, preferably black and white wall charts that mimic the mother's face, or patterns such as stripes and ripples. The wall chart should be placed 20 cm away from the baby’s eyes. Since newborns look at novel things for a long time and look at familiar things for a short time, the picture should be changed every 3 to 4 days. In addition, you can also hang some colorful toys such as colorful balloons and small lanterns in your baby's room. The types of hanging toys can be diversified, and the varieties and positions should be changed frequently. The hanging height is about 20-35 cm.

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