How long does it take to wean a baby?

How long does it take to wean a baby?

Aug 31, 2021XieYifang

Parents who have brought a baby should know very well that weaning a baby is a painful process. It is a very tormenting thing for the baby, and for the mother, the phenomenon of milk swelling occurs during the weaning period, and the whole person is also miserable, completely suffering. Let’s take a look with the editor. How long will it take to wean a baby?

How long does it take to wean a baby?

Babies are generally weaned at about one year old, and the weaning cycle is about one week. Some mothers feel sorry for their babies and are unwilling to wean their babies. This is actually a wrong idea. Mothers need to clarify the meaning of weaning, because if the baby eats too much breast milk, it will become dependent, and when the baby develops to one year old, the nutrition of breast milk can not keep up, and it is easy to cause the baby to stop developing, so weaning is very important.

When the mother is weaning, she must gradually reduce the amount of milk. It is necessary to reduce the number of times your baby sucks milk every day, and it can be reduced a lot in two weeks.

Then start to let the baby accept the new tableware and feeding bottle. First, divide the baby's feeding process into three times, and wean the baby during the second time, so that the baby will not be hungry and the baby will be easier to accept.

What should the mother do when the baby is weaned?

In the early stages of the baby’s weaning, it is normal for mothers to feel tenderness and pain in their breasts. Because the baby has reduced absorption, the milk will accumulate in the breasts and feel the pain. If it is not very serious, drink less water and eat less food with soup. If you feel the pain is unbearable, you can use Breast Pump, suck the milk out a little bit.

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Because if the milk is too much and painful for too long, it will cause inflammation of the breasts. Do not press the breasts while sleeping, and it will also cause inflammation of the breasts. Don't wean suddenly, which is not good for the baby, and it is also bad for the pregnant woman herself.

Weaning a baby definitely needs a process, especially at the beginning, it will be very uncomfortable and crying will occur. Therefore, in this process, mothers can't give up weaning because they love the baby, as long as they persist for a period of time, they can be successfully weaned, as long as they adapt.

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