A good family education dad spends more time thinking

A good family education dad spends more time thinking

Jul 26, 2021XieYifang

In family education, if the mother is a trickling stream that quietly nourishes the child's life, then the father is a majestic mountain, allowing the child to learn to be tough and courageous.

Educator Spencer said:

"The father is the guide for children to the outside world. In the process of educating children, whether it is character development, emotional education, knowledge training, or moral character, fathers have a huge influence."

No matter how good a mother is, it is difficult to fill the gap of a father. A responsible father will certainly not evade his education responsibility.

Children who are fully accompanied by their father win at the starting line

There is such a short story in the book "Only Time Doesn't Lie":
Someone asked the psychiatrist Li Zixun:
"My daughter is two years old this year. Her father often travels. When he comes back, he wants to hold his daughter, but the daughter will say that he doesn't want her father. How can I educate my daughter when this happens?"
Li Zixun replied:
"Why do you want to educate your children? This is what the father should bear."
In the matter of accompanying children, it is the least perfunctory. Whether the father spends the time to spend time with the children, it can be fully reflected in the children.
Psychologist Mike Vinny has done experiments before. Children who have been in contact with their father for no less than 2 hours a day have better interpersonal relationships and are more courageous than those who have been in contact with their father for less than 6 hours a week. , Cheerful.
There is no hope for a child. The father is just a looming shadow in his life. Dad is not only a title, but also represents responsibility and honor. How can a father who does not work hard give birth to an excellent and healthy child?
We always say that we want our children to win on the starting line, but those who really make the children win on the starting line are never the school district room and various tutoring classes, but the full company of the father.
The growth of a child cannot be separated from the full participation of the father. It is the responsibility of every father to give the child a good company.

Funny dad is the child’s most precious luxury

I was very impressed when I saw a piece of news.
A father found that his son was addicted to the Internet, so the father began to spend his time "robbing" his son with the TV and mobile phone.
He bought a variety of toys, and together with his son, he used clay to make mountains, ditch, and river shapes, and used a variety of toys to write, direct and perform "military blockbusters".
Father and son play together, shoot together, laugh together, and their relationship is getting better and better. The child also finds fun outside the Internet with his father.
Some people say that the image of a father should be majestic, so as to make the child have a sense of awe.
But we have to admit that a childlike father who is willing to play crazy with the child can make the child feel happy.
Zhou Guoping said that if you really love your children, you must let your children have a happy childhood and lay a solid foundation for a lifetime of happiness. One of the best ways is to be willing to spend time with your children.
A funny father has a magical power in him, just like the warm winter sun, which can melt all the tenderness around him and warmly infect his children.
It can also let the fun run through the child's childhood to life, and let the child's life be full of flowers, beautiful, splendid, and full of fun.
For young children, a successful dad is nothing to show off, but a fun dad who is willing to play with him can surely make himself the envy of other children.
A funny father who loves life, keeps his childlike innocence, is better than any good teacher.

Behind the safe child is the dad who is willing to spend his time

A story told by the writer Luo Song:
A father saw that his adolescent daughter did not come home until early in the morning, so he asked her to go out for a drink and encouraged her: "Drink as much as possible, get drunk, and dad will take you home."
The girl was really drunk.
When I woke up the next day, there was a note written by my father to her on the bedside:
Do you remember how much drunk you drank last night? A total of two glasses of beer and five glasses of HIGH. Remember, this is your limit.
There are many bad guys in the world. I can't always protect you by my side, so I let you know your limits. You must learn to protect yourself.
It is obviously unsafe for a girl to drink outside at night. As a father, the first reaction is definitely to stop the daughter from doing this, but simple and rude stopping is likely to cause the child's rebellious psychology and cause worse consequences.
The father did not do this, but used another more acceptable way to teach his daughter to be safe and let her learn to protect herself.
We always emphasize the importance of family education to children, so what is family education?
Many fathers simply understand family education as the discipline of their children. They are like driving a carriage, trapping the children, waving a whip in their hands, and wanting to make the carriage faster, they wave a whip. The carriage deviates from the direction. Flick a whip.
This kind of education can't cause any major troubles, but it is indeed a disaster for children, because education is by no means such a simple and rude thing.
A good education requires parents' attention, especially dad.

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