A hoarding guide for pregnant mothers

A hoarding guide for pregnant mothers

Jun 17, 2021XieYifang

What do expectant mothers do during the long pregnancy period, of course it is to stock up! In the past, buying, buying and buying were all kinds of clothes, jewelry and shoes. Now buying, buying and buying has all become maternal and child products.

Dads and dads, don’t stop your wife from hoarding maternity and baby supplies!

I remember that when I was pregnant, there were only a few express delivery, and I stocked two boxes of diapers alone. One by one, my father frowned and was not very satisfied: How much is it necessary to buy? Buy it if you want to use it. Waiting for a lifetime to come out and confinement, one by one dad found out how worry-free it is to have a wife who stocks all the maternity and baby supplies. Today's maternal and child products are becoming more and more humanized, in order to liberate mothers with technology. Easy-to-use maternal and child products can save mothers a lot of precious time and save a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Strollers and cribs need to be stocked early. I don’t recommend brands here. They feel the same, so everyone can choose by themselves.

1. Medela's electric breast pump. Good breast milk is a consensus, and Medela is known as the Hermes of breast pumps and has a well-deserved reputation. Be sure to buy both sides! Use your hands free with the bra, play with your mobile phone Dangdang and suck it up.

Double Electric Breast Pump,BPA Free, Quiet

2. Lansinoh's anti-galactorrhea pad. It is easier to use than other homes, and the design is more scientific.

3. Nursing clothing. Breastfeeding is simply not too convenient. I bought seven or eight of these nursing vests, so that they can go out with a suit on the outside. Seven or eight pieces are not too many at all. You will know when your baby vomits a bunch of pieces on you every day and needs to change N pieces.

4. Little white bear constant temperature pot. To prepare milk powder, you need to use warm water of 40 degrees. With it, you don’t need to adjust the hot and cold water every time. It’s safer to have a temperature display. One by one, breast milk is used to make milk powder. It was used to wash buttocks and soak paper towels when it was cold; now I use it to drink water and wash her face in the morning.

5. Needless to say, all the moms in the cotton era know

6. Princess Nass in the cotton era, you will know once you have used it. There is a long period of lochia after childbirth, so stock up. I bought Sanyo's ready-to-production bag before, which is not bad, but there are no pictures to take.

7. Stock two or more gauze bath towels from the cotton era. I stocked 5 of them. My brother-in-law asked me before, why do you need so much of this stuff, because when the baby is showered and you wrap her, you may get a bunch of pee at any time. And used as a quilt, wrapper is also excellent.

8. Cotton era saliva towel. Newborns don’t need a pillow, just put this under the head. Otherwise, you absolutely have to change 10 sheets a day. I have stocked 12...one by one is a severely vomiting baby, still not enough.

9. All cotton era wraps. In fact, almost all brands of wrappers are fine, but in the cotton era, I have irradiated UV lamps without fluorescent agents, so I can safely recommend them.

10. California Baby Calendula Facial Cream is used to moisturize skin in winter, and it will not be too dry in summer in an air-conditioned room. It is said to prevent eczema, I don't know if it has any effect.

11. Shun Shun Er wet wipes! You must stock up boldly. It's a good deal to buy activities at a flagship store of a treasure. You need N pieces to wipe your baby's buttocks every day. The green and green ones I use are affordable. , For more than one to three months, two small boxes have been used. Wet wipes have also been curiously used. In the cotton era, the thickness, moisture, and hyposensitivity are not comparable to those of Shun Shun'er.

12. Pigeon's nail clippers and ZOLI's electric nail sharpener. Children’s nails are super difficult to cut. These two combinations can be used to solve the problem. Baby nails can be cut short and round. Why do you ask me to cut it so short?

13. Probiotics. You don't need to stock this one, just buy it at the pharmacy when you need it. Intestinal colic, flatulence, mild diarrhea can be added to the baby. Please use it under the guidance of a doctor.

14. Grownsy's Baby Bottle Sterilizer. In fact, it is not recommended to over-sterilize the baby's things. Now there is a UV-light bottle sterilizer. I personally think it is unnecessary. Excessive sterilization will affect the normal flora of the baby's intestinal tract. The advantage of this sterilizer lies in the steam sterilization, which saves you from boiling it with water, and it also has a drying function that does not need to be wiped again.

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