What items should I buy after pregnancy?

What items should I buy after pregnancy?

Jun 17, 2021XieYifang

1. Purchase clothes during pregnancy

Since I was pregnant, my body has changed every day. Most of the previous clothes can't be worn, so I can only buy new clothes and shoes.

Summer is better. If it is winter, it is fake to say that you don’t feel distressed when you place an order for down jackets. At least 1000-2000 should be added together.

2. Nutritional supplement during pregnancy

During the whole pregnancy, there is a lot of effort on diet. Only when the pregnant mother's nutrition keeps up, the baby in the belly can grow up healthily. The eggs, milk, meat, fish, vegetables and fruits needed during this period will cost about 4000 or so.

Depending on the family situation, the cost will be different. Some families have better conditions. In addition to the basic meat, vegetables and fruits, the pregnant mother will be supplemented with corresponding vitamins, which will naturally cost more.

3. Nursing products

Some mothers will replace the skin care products and cosmetics at home with those that can be used by pregnant women when they are pregnant. In addition, everyone’s awareness of stretch marks prevention is also very good. They have used skin care essential oils early. To be 2000-3000.

4. Postpartum supplies

When preparing for the delivery package in the third trimester, everyone will buy some items that will be used after birth, and bring them directly to the hospital when they are due.

The general things that need to be used mainly include confinement shoes, confinement clothes, puerperium pads, disposable underwear, pregnant women’s sanitary napkins, knife paper, breastfeeding underwear, anti-galactorrhea paste, breast pump, nipple cream, etc. To prepare some nutritional supplements for the specific conditions of the parturient, it costs about 5,000 yuan.

5. Baby supplies

Baby Bottle Sterilizer

Feeding categories: baby bottle sterilizer, baby bottle X2, baby bottle brush, milk storage bag, baby bottle cleaner, milk powder, etc.;
Washing and nursing: bath tub, water temperature meter, nasal aspirator, baby nail clippers, diaper cream, touch massage oil, talcum powder, baby lotion, etc.;
Daily-use categories: changing pads, ear thermometers, saliva towels, baby wipes, newborn coatings, diapers, etc.;
Large items: cribs, baby sleeping bags, bed fences, baby strollers, etc.

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