About warming breast milk: "temperature control" is the most important

About warming breast milk: "temperature control" is the most important

Jun 15, 2021XieYifang

When moms take out a bottle of breast milk from the refrigerator, how do they give it to the baby? Drink directly? It hurts the baby's stomach! Microwave heating and drinking? Too bad breast milk nutrition! The correct way to treat frozen breast milk is like this:

First, let the breast milk slowly thaw and de-ice with cold water, and then slowly add 40-50℃ warm water with a feeding bottle to let the milk gradually heat up. Note that you cannot use water above 50°C for heating, and do not use microwave ovens, because this will destroy the nutrients in breast milk. When heating, do not completely soak the baby bottle in warm water to avoid the possibility of warm water entering breast milk.

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Moms who are not sure about the temperature can also use a bottle warmer to warm their breast milk. The milk warmer can keep the water temperature constant at 40°C. There are two main advantages of using the milk warmer: one is that the process of warming the milk is simpler, and it can help the baby to warm the milk easily and quickly even in the middle of the night; the other is that it is temperature-sensitive. More precise control can prevent breast milk from getting too hot or too cold.

One thing to add, frozen breast milk will have stratification. This is because breast milk contains a lot of fats. It can be shaken gently when heated to make it evenly mixed. Be careful not to shake it too hard.

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