Babies around 1 year old hate these things the most

Babies around 1 year old hate these things the most

Oct 09, 2021XieYifang

The baby of Xiaoyun's family is just eight months old. Recently, she has found that the baby is getting more and more difficult because he has become more and more crying. The experienced mother told him that this is because the baby’s brain is constantly developing, and his consciousness is clearer, and he can distinguish familiar people from strangers. When in contact with strangers, the baby is easy to cry, except that he doesn’t like being caught. When a stranger hugs, mother also needs to pay attention to the following things.


Often stay at home

When the baby is about one year old, his physical development will mature a lot, and his mother has experience in taking care of him. It can be said to be handy. Therefore, mothers should not be afraid of trouble in their free time. Babies will not be so scared when facing strangers, and will not be easy to cry. It will be very tiring to hold your baby all the time when you go out. A safe and comfortable baby stroller can make mothers a lot easier. The wheels of the stroller are very important. The shock absorber design can make the car more stable during the journey, and will not hurt the baby's fragile head. The universal wheels will be more free when turning directions.

No one speaks

Babies around one year old have just started to learn to speak, so mothers need to communicate with him frequently, so that the baby’s language development can be faster and the baby can speak earlier. If the environment at home is very boring, mothers often let the baby stay alone, and no one communicates with him is likely to make him speak late and often cry. If the mother is really busy, she can use toys instead of communicating with her baby. The smart crib bell is a good choice. When the baby is awake, it can automatically sense the external environment and make sounds to comfort and communicate with the baby.

Wear too much clothes

Some mothers will wear a lot of clothes when touching the baby’s little hand if it’s cold. The baby can’t talk when he’s young, and doesn’t know how to express it when he’s hot. If the mother doesn’t notice the baby’s discomfort, let him be over-thick clothes. Wrapped will make his body sweat a lot, which will easily cause the baby's body to lack water. In fact, it is inaccurate to judge the baby’s temperature by touching your hands. The correct way is to touch your baby’s neck and back.

lack of sleep

The baby's physical development is mostly carried out during sleep. To make the baby's body develop faster, the mother must let the baby keep adequate sleep, especially at night, the mother must let the baby rest. Because from 11 o'clock in the evening to 3 o'clock in the morning of the next day, the baby's body will release a large amount of growth hormone to promote height growth during sleep.

The above several things are detrimental to the baby's growth, mothers should pay attention to avoid them.

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