Is the child's blood type related to the level of intelligence?

Is the child's blood type related to the level of intelligence?

Oct 09, 2021XieYifang

Parents' care for their children is not only reflected in their physical care, but more importantly, some parents will choose to buy some supplements for their children to make their children smarter.

Because smart children can always be better, and these children are often able to walk in the forefront of others, but we must use a scientific way to deal with this matter.

Because I want to know that Wacong is not smart, not just by hearing from the outside, but more importantly, believing in scientific research.

However, scientific research shows that if you want to know whether your baby is smart or not, you can tell by looking at his blood type.

01 Children of different blood types determine the temperament and intelligence, don’t believe it

Human blood types are generally divided into several types, the most common and the least common, and panda blood is the rarest blood type. In addition, there are type a, type b, type ab and type o. Often heard in our lives.


So how does a person's blood type affect IQ? What is the connection between them?

1) The king of memory is blood type ab

If the child's blood type is ab, then they have a greater advantage, because children with this blood type are also the smartest.

Why do you say that? The main reason is that the characteristics of blood type a and blood type b have different characteristics, and people with blood type ab have both characteristics and advantages.

Therefore, when they face problems, they can always analyze and identify them more quickly. This type of person appears more calm and objective, and at the same time observes things around them very carefully, so this type of person is also the smartest.

2) Type O blood with high EQ

Type O blood is also called the "universal blood type". This attribute can already show that it is relatively more tolerant. Therefore, people with type O blood tend to show maturity and wisdom. It is also not available in other blood types.

In addition, people of this type of blood tend to have the characteristics of high emotional intelligence, they can use their tolerance to solve problems, and even have a strong ability to imitate, so this type of person is also very powerful.

3) Rigorous and objective type A blood

A blood type is a relatively sane blood type. People with this blood type basically do not seek quickness or impatience in learning, but a gradual attitude. This is the most necessary for learning. Therefore, this People of this kind tend to do things very rigorously and very well.

They look at things relatively objectively, and they don't like too much change to happen in their own lives.

Although there is a certain degree of stubbornness, this kind of stubbornness can bring them a relatively stable and safe life.

This is also the biggest advantage of people of this type of blood type. After all, being content with the status quo is not something that everyone can do.

4) The king of emotions is blood type B

People often say that impulse is the devil, and people with blood type B have a perfect interpretation of what is called a "devil." They are a kind of people who treat things, often only for three minutes, so when doing things, they show that they are not strong and can't stick to it. They are even in such a state in any field.

Therefore, what their free will bring them is that they often show great randomness when doing things.

But it also brings them social affinity, so people of this blood type also have certain advantages, but in terms of IQ and memory, they are far inferior to the other blood types above.

02How should parents cultivate smarter children?

Different blood types bring different temperaments. Therefore, in order to make our children smarter, we also need to develop their advantages and weaken their disadvantages based on their blood types.

Let the children’s outstanding characteristics be able to be amplified, so that they can use their intelligence to a greater extent, then what should we do specifically?

1. Set goals for your child

For children with type A blood, parents must set goals for their children so that they can achieve the final results more quickly.

Because people with blood type A prefer rigorous and objective things, they have a relatively thorough understanding of the word rule.

To make children more successful in the process of growing up, parents do not need to pursue speed, but only need to follow the rules, let them get closer to their goals step by step, and finally achieve results.

2. Creative learning

For people with blood type b, their thinking is relatively active and jumpy, and they can often feel the attraction of things to themselves in a wide range of things.

Therefore, the biggest advantage of this type of child is social interaction and their imagination. Parents should make good use of their imagination and let them carry out creative learning.

This kind of improvement based on the characteristics of personality can often get twice the result with half the effort. Therefore, parents can allow their children to try more creative things and make their horizons wider.

3. Leading social

For comprehensive ab blood types, they themselves have relatively strong learning ability and greater advantages, so this type of child does not have to worry about their learning at all.

Only need to carry out active guidance, let them become a leader-type social, you can make them stand out from the crowd.

The most important thing about this kind of social leadership is to let them have the ability to coordinate things. This can also be obtained through long-term training. Therefore, we can cultivate characteristics in this area.

4. Self-managed education

For O-type blood, their personality is relatively independent, so for such children, parents must not interfere too much with their choices and their lives.

Let them do what they want to do as independently as possible, which is the best education for them, and this kind of self-management education has a huge impact on their lives and future development. Learning to let go is The best way to educate them.

Personality advantages cannot completely determine a person's future, so we want to make our children better, and targeted training is one thing.

But when facing other changes in your child, don't stubbornly let your child follow his own thinking.

Because the child has grown up, has his own independent thinking ability, and knows which choice is best for him, at this time, the parents only need to retreat behind the child and observe silently. When the child really encounters difficulties, give pointers to believe that the child can find the most correct direction.

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