Baby's essential electronic and electrical products

Baby's essential electronic and electrical products

Jun 11, 2021XieYifang

Baby bottle sterilizer: also known as a baby bottle sterilizer. The baby bottle should be washed and disinfected before use, and the sterilized baby bottle should not be stored for a long time.

It should be too long, generally 4-5 hours. Steam sterilization is the most adopted and effective method. Some steam baby bottle sterilizers are equipped with a drying function. This type of sterilizer is usually divided into two categories, the difference is whether to draw air into the drying baby bottle. Sterilizers that require air to be drawn in for drying have strict requirements on the air environment, and the air inlet ducts and blades of the sterilizer must be cleaned regularly, otherwise it will cause secondary pollution to the baby bottle. In addition, there are also baby bottle sterilizers on the market that use ultraviolet rays. Since ultraviolet rays cannot sterilize the blind areas of light, the sterilization effect is difficult to guarantee. The national tableware standard [2] does not include this type of sterilization method. Pay attention to this when purchasing.

Bottle warmer: also known as milk warmer or warmer, it is mainly used to heat the milk and water that the baby wants to drink, so that the temperature of the milk is in line with the temperature of Baobao drinking. The temperature control of the digitally controlled milk warmer is more accurate, and it has a timing appointment function to prevent food from heating for a long time. If the surface area of ​​the electric heating body is relatively large, the feeding bottle can realize the function of water-free heating when the feeding bottle is closed, and the feeding bottle with high power can be sterilized.

Pink Baby Bottle Warmer

Milk regulator: also known as thermostat milk regulator, the function is to heat or keep the cold boiled water to a temperature suitable for the baby to drink milk powder. Some milk regulators have the function of boiling water.

Digital thermometer: Compared with traditional mercury glass thermometers, it has the advantages of convenient reading, short measurement time (about one minute), high measurement accuracy, memorizing measurement results, sound prompts, and no mercury toxicity. From the appearance point of view, the electronic thermometer has a needle shape and a mouth shape. Among needle-shaped thermometers, the bendable front section is more suitable for babies. In addition, there are thermometers that use infrared rays on the market. This type of thermometer has a faster measurement speed (one second), but the error is relatively large.

Bath water thermometer: The baby's skin is very delicate. The bath water temperature should be 39-41 degrees Celsius. If the water temperature is too high, the baby will burn, and if the water temperature is too low, the baby will catch a cold. Many adults use their elbows to feel the temperature of the water. This method of temperature measurement is not very good, because adults' skin is thick and oxidized. Besides, everyone's heat resistance is different. The digital water temperature thermometer solves this problem well. It can not only measure the water temperature, but also can be used as a toy for babies to take a bath in the game.

Light guide ear pick: also known as luminous ear pick. It is medically proven that long-term failure to clean earwax may cause otitis media and otitis. Traditional ear picks cannot reach the inside of the ear canal because the light cannot see the inside when cleaning the earwax, which can easily cause damage. Especially the skin of the baby’s ear canal is very soft, and the electronic luminous ear pick can easily solve this problem. And it's very safe.

Constant temperature bowl: also known as a heat preservation bowl, its function is to keep the temperature required by the baby's food constantly. The multifunctional thermostatic bowl is based on the ordinary electric thermostatic bowl with an increased electric heating power, reaching more than 110 watts, so that it not only has a constant temperature function, but also has a heating function, which can directly stew children's food. This type of product is usually With a temperature control knob of 40~100 degrees, it adopts a split structure, which can be combined freely and is convenient to clean. The independent stainless steel heating seat can directly heat the food in the metal or glass container.

Room thermometer and hygrometer: The functional development of the temperature regulation center of infants and young children is not perfect, and it is not yet able to self-regulate with changes in ambient temperature. Therefore, the room temperature in the baby room should be controlled at 20℃-23℃, and the humidity should be 50-60. % Is more appropriate.

Ultraviolet disinfection lamp: The ultraviolet disinfection lamp uses the principle of ultraviolet sterilization to kill these bacteria and germs. This kind of equipment is suitable for disinfecting baby's toys, clothing, and bathing supplies, and not suitable for disinfecting milk bottles and tableware that require high hygiene standards, and at the same time avoid irradiating the human body.

Milk powder vacuum preservation device: also known as milk powder preservation device, the main function; after the milk powder can is opened, a large number of bacteria and eggs that are floating in the air and invisible to the naked eye will enter when it is empty. Every time you take milk powder, the bacteria increase several times, which will affect your baby's health for a long time. Clinical medical experiments have shown that bacteria cannot survive in a vacuum state.

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