Why do you need to provide the best bottle sterilizer for your baby?

Why do you need to provide the best bottle sterilizer for your baby?

Jun 11, 2021XieYifang

Before you become a mother, you will never know your real worries, because you will be surprised at what you need to worry about. Some of the questions you will worry about are whether you should sterilize baby bottles, and if so, where can you find the best baby bottle sterilizer. To protect your baby from getting sick, you need to make sure that anything in your baby’s mouth can be released 99% bacteria, which is why you need to provide the best baby bottle sterilizer for your baby.

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Why buy a bottle sterilizer?

Whether you are formula feeding or breastfeeding, it is very important to ensure that your baby's feeding equipment is clean and safe. This is because harmful bacteria grow rapidly from milk or formula milk residues. If the bottle is not thoroughly cleaned, these bacteria can cause infection to the baby, which is why it is recommended that you disinfect the bottle, pacifier, dummy and other feeding accessories. In the first year of the baby, her immune system will be immature and vulnerable to infections by viruses, bacteria and parasites, which may lead to vomiting, diarrhea and even dehydration due to diarrhea. Sterilizing baby feeding bottles can reduce the risk of infection by killing bacteria.

How long should you use the bottle sterilizer?
The pediatrician recommends that you disinfect your baby's feeding equipment within the first 12 months. However, as long as your baby can put foreign objects in his mouth like dirty shoes, you can stop disinfecting his baby bottles. But even so, you can continue to disinfect the feeding equipment occasionally.

How the bottle sterilizer works
Using the bottle sterilizer is very simple. All you need to do is to plug in the battery sterilizer, load it into the baby's feeding equipment and walk away. You can only return 8 minutes after the bottle is sterilized. The high temperature steam will kill all the bacteria and bacteria on the baby's feeding bottle and nipples. Some sterilizers also use hot air to dry the bottles after sterilization.

What kind of sterilizer should you buy
Bottle sterilizers have different capacities, because some can hold 2 bottles, while others can carry 8 bottles. You should remember that wide-necked bottles take up more space than standard bottles. Since bottle-fed babies need at least 6 bottles a day, you need a sterilizer that can hold so many.

Things to consider before starting disinfection

Use BPA-free bottles
Since most baby bottles are made of plastic, you should make sure that the plastic used to make them does not contain BPA. This is because if the plastic containing BPA is heated, the chemicals will be leached through the baby's formula or milk, and may bring serious health risks to the baby.

Sterilize new bottles
Most parents think that if it is new, they do not need to sterilize the bottle because they think it is sterile. The fact is that just because the bottle is new, it cannot be protected from bacteria. Therefore, you should sterilize every bottle you buy before allowing your baby to use it.

Wash your baby's bottle before disinfecting
The bottle should be thoroughly washed with soapy water to remove any traces of milk before disinfection.

You can sterilize your baby's feeding bottle in different ways
boiling water
Just put the bottle and pacifier in boiling water for about 8 minutes and it can be done easily. However, you must ensure that the temperature is not too high, so as not to melt the baby's feeding equipment.

This is the most common method of sterilization and the most commonly used method in hospitals. All you need to do is to put the bottle upside down in a sterile container and let the steam do this.

It is very important to control the temperature and time of the traditional feeding bottle sterilization method. Otherwise, the feeding bottle you have spent a lot of money may become like this.

Since babies are more susceptible to diseases in the first few years, you can ensure that your baby stays healthy and that anything that comes into contact with your baby’s food can reach 99.9% sterility. The best way to achieve this goal is to use the best bottle sterilizer to sterilize your baby's milk bottles.

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