Boys should be raised like this

Boys should be raised like this

Jun 22, 2021XieYifang

After getting to know the boys, be more patient and give them more appropriate education.

1. Lead them to release their vigorous energy

Some boys, they either become heroes in the class, or become full-scale troublemakers. These boys actually have leadership potential. If teachers and parents can become friends with such boys and guide their energy to the better, he will perform well in school. If you ignore or even deny this boy, then his self-esteem may be based on attacking adults, and many problems will follow.

Exercise is undoubtedly a good way for boys to release excess energy. Exercise can also bring great benefits to boys, such as a sense of belonging, enhance self-confidence, and promote health; exercise can make boys closer to other men; group exercise allows men to express each other Caring; sports is also a process of learning life-looking for the values ​​of life in the sports field such as not being arrogant, not being discouraged, teamwork, and going all out.

2. Spend more thoughts on improving their communication skills

Many parents worry about the language ability of boys lagging behind girls. According to the research of neurologist Dr. Jenny Harssty, there are many ways to help children to avoid learning and language problems. As long as the child starts learning at the correct age, the brain will respond very well. From infancy, you can start to help the boy learn better communication skills, so that he has better reading, writing and speaking skills after school.

The following three methods can benefit both boys and girls, but they are also a preventive step for boys, because if we do not help them, they are more likely to have language difficulties:

Teach him to speak step by step

When the child is at a stage of language learning, tell him the next stage, such as-

To the baby who is babbling, repeat the words they might want to express. When he says "Ya, Ya" and points to his toy duck, you say "Duck! Baby's duck!", so he will soon be talking about ducks.

When a child utters a vocabulary, such as "milk", you can add related strings such as "milk bottle" to help him assemble the vocabulary

When the child can say two or three words, he can start to say the whole sentence by imitating you. For example, he says "Baby truck!" You can answer "Does baby want a truck? Baby's truck is here!" and so on.

Seize the opportunity to explain things around the child

The child’s brain grows through dialogue and spends more time with the child, such as traveling, doing housework, walking, shopping, etc., chatting, pointing things to them, and answering their questions. The impact of dialogue on children's brains is more effective than any expensive education in the future. But remember not to go too far, so that the child feels bored because he doesn't understand.

When the children are still young, they start reading to them

Even if you are only one year old, you can enjoy reading together, especially books with rhyming and repetitive sentences. When your child has a favorite story, you can play a "prediction" game: for example, "then the kitten will...?" and let your child continue to say "meow". Give him interest, and then inspire his thinking.

Prepare them

On the issue of going to school, many scientists believe that boys are not suitable for early school. Because around the age of five or six, when the children are actually going to school, the brain development of boys is six to twelve months slower than that of girls, and the development of so-called fine motor coordination is particularly slow. This is because they are still in rough motor coordination. In the developmental stage of the developmental stage, the nerves of the arms, legs and body muscles are still developing. They can't help but want to move the body, so they cannot sit quietly. They will only start to learn fine motor coordination after the development of rough motor coordination is completed. skill.

Girls, on the contrary, their brains directly develop the fine movements of the fingers, so they often need assistance in jumping and stretching on a spring mattress, playing basketball, or swimming.

Love boys: give them close love

The old concept makes adults treat boys harshly, prefer to hug girls, talk less to baby boys, and even beat boys for being naughty.

The needs of boys are exactly the opposite-they actually need more tenderness, smiles, and physical intimacy, especially in the enlightenment stage from birth to six years old. The first lesson a boy needs to learn is intimacy, which is expressed by trust, warmth, fun and kindness.

Compared with girls, boys learn more slowly and are not very good at socializing, so they especially need the help of family members who know them well, have time, and can keep a happy mood.

Boys learn from their mothers about their lovers. They regard their mothers as the first model and object of intimacy and love. The joy shown by mothers in teaching and talking helps the boy’s brain develop language functions and makes it easier for him. Get along with people.

In addition to mother's personal care, many studies have shown that the way children play with their father is more energetic. A boy who is loved by his father and often plays with his father will be closer to his father and wants to learn to imitate. In this way, he can get along with other men more easily.

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