It’s good for Bao’s mother to be “lazy” for newborn babies

It’s good for Bao’s mother to be “lazy” for newborn babies

Jun 22, 2021XieYifang

A newborn baby is a new life that desperately needs baby's care. Therefore, many experienced people say that bringing a baby is too tired. It can be described as exhausted, not eating well, and sleeping well. Even after exhausting their energy, children may still face various unexpected problems. This makes people with children very distressed.

In fact, it is not so hard to bring a baby scientifically. It is necessary to be lazy in the following aspects, which may make the child grow and develop better.

The first aspect: too lazy to take a bath

Now the sanitary conditions of every household are particularly good. So after a baby is born, his mother always likes to clean him up, bubble in the water, or clean up the little butt from time to time, but these hygiene behaviors may not be good for the baby's physical development.

In fact, for a baby under one year old, bathing three times a week or cleaning up the baby's ass three times with water is enough. Especially for the newly-born babies, their skin is delicate, their bones are soft, and they bathe too frequently. Not only may they irritate the child’s skin and cause the child to develop skin diseases, but it may also affect the child’s bone development. Too a novice mother who can hold a baby.

In addition, bathing too frequently may also cause infection of the newborn's umbilical cord.

The second aspect: too lazy to give the baby a bottle

The baby bottle is something that a lot of treasure mothers have prepared during the third trimester of pregnancy. Some mothers even buy two or three. This approach is wrong. When a child is just born, it is a process of learning and understanding whether everything is new. When a child uses a bottle outside of breast milk, it is likely that the two are confused.

For example, some babies are no longer willing to breastfeed their mother after using a pacifier. In comparison, the sucking force of a pacifier is less than that of breastfeeding, so the child may come to a more labor-saving decision after exploring it.

The third aspect: Too lazy to use pillows for children.

For a newborn, the natural curvature of their spine has not yet formed, so it is not recommended to use pillows for the newborn baby at this time, which may cause forward curvature of the child's neck. Even because of the poor airway, the newborn can be asphyxiated, which endangers the life of the baby.

In addition, the newborn’s skull is too soft, and if the pillow is used too early, it may cause the back of the child’s brain to deform, forming what we commonly call a flat head. Seriously affect the overall image of the child. If we really want to use pillows for our children, we can use towels or clean pillow towels to be folded into two or three folds to serve as children’s pillows.

The fourth aspect: too lazy to dress up the baby.

When we choose clothes for newborns, we try our best to choose clothes with pure cotton texture, light color, and not too much decoration. Clothing made of pure cotton has better sweat absorption performance. Moreover, the learning clothes can greatly avoid the use of clothing dyes, so that children can avoid the harm of chemical pollution reagents.

Too much decoration will bring safety hazards to the baby. Therefore, any clothing with ropes, flowers, pendants, and pearls must be avoided.

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