Breast sucker checklist for mothers

Breast sucker checklist for mothers

Jul 07, 2021XieYifang

A breast pump can be very helpful for mothers in various situations: If the milk production is too high, pumping can prevent a blockage and thus a possible painful breast inflammation. At the same time, a breastfeeding pump can stimulate milk production when there is too little of it. And even if the amount is exactly right, it can be very easy to express breast milk if you as a mother are away from the child.

But the right choice of breast pump is not without its pitfalls: whether a manual or electric pump is the better choice depends very much on the intended use. Inferior models with a funnel attachment that does not fit perfectly on the breast can also put unnecessary strain on the nipple.

With our checklist we help you to keep an eye on the essentials when it comes to the right breast pump.

When to buy: Regardless of which pump suits you better, you should get a breastfeeding pump before the birth if possible. You will be grateful for any worry that you do not have after the birth.

Manual breast suckers: Hand pumps are usually much cheaper. If the pump is not to be used too often (probably), a manual pump is sufficient.

Electric breast pumps: The electric versions are more expensive, but are less complex to use because the mother does not have to pump herself. An Electric Breast Pump is particularly worthwhile if you want to express larger quantities on a regular basis. If the pump is only used at home, weight, size and volume are secondary criteria.

electric breastfeeding pump

Cordless breast pump: If you want to pump on the go, in the office or in other, more public spaces, the size and thus also the weight, but also the lowest possible volume, play a more important role. And: it should ideally work wirelessly, i.e. be equipped with appropriate batteries so that it is not dependent on external power sources.

Cleaning: The pump must be able to be dismantled as easily as possible and, above all, cleaned. This is the only way to prevent the development of germs that can be very dangerous for a baby's health.

How does an electric breast pump work?

The breast pump provides more flexibility when breastfeeding

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