How does an electric breast pump work?

How does an electric breast pump work?

Jul 07, 2021XieYifang

Before we deal with the different types and equipment details, we want to explain the working principle of the electric breast pump. Different brands and manufacturers of these devices strive to imitate the baby's natural sucking, as shown in the electric breast pump test.

In principle, the Electric Breast Pump, like a baby, generates negative pressure when sucking, which causes milk to flow out of the breast. For this reason, nipples should be stimulated in advance to prepare for breastfeeding. Only then can the suction cup be placed on one breast, or in the case of an electric double breast pump, two pacifiers can be placed at the same time.

When these devices pump out breast milk, you can change the intensity at various stages, which is close to natural breastfeeding. After all, due to hunger, most babies will suck very greedily at first, until they become fuller and more cautious while sucking.

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At this point we have to enter the first important detail function, the so-called 2-phase expression. Studies have shown that babies have different work cycles. When breastfeeding, you start with a quick, short sucking action. In this way, they stimulate the "excretion reflex", which causes breast milk to begin to flow out.

During this stimulation phase, the baby will produce a pumping rhythm of approximately 120 cycles per minute. Once the milk starts to flow out normally, the child's rhythm will slow down significantly, which is the so-called breastfeeding stage. At this stage, the baby can only work 45-80 cycles per minute.

Anyone who has learned how to use a suitable electric breast pump and whose offspring can both pump and pump will enjoy the following advantages and disadvantages:


Mothers are more independent, fathers, siblings and grandparents can build close bonds while feeding
Can provide children with healthy breast milk flexibly
Can minimize stress in breastfeeding problems


Unnatural feeling at first
Slightly more complicated than direct breastfeeding

Check in advance videos of different manufacturers on the Internet or ask other mothers to tell you about their experiences. Here, you can not only see the correct use of single breast pump or double breast pump, but also benefit from first-hand experience.

Breast sucker checklist for mothers

The breast pump provides more flexibility when breastfeeding

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