Can teether be sterilized with hot water?

Can teether be sterilized with hot water?

Sep 06, 2021XieYifang

Teether is an item that babies directly touch and chew for a long time. Baoma must buy a trusted brand to ensure the safety of the teether material and ensure the health of the baby. Can teether be sterilized with hot water?

How to disinfect baby teether

Baby teether is a "good partner" that accompanies the baby's teething. It can reduce the discomfort of the baby during the teething period, provide convenience for the baby to grind the teeth, and can effectively replace the baby to bite other things, which is safer and more hygienic. For the health of the baby, baby teethers need to be cleaned and disinfected regularly, but how to disinfect baby teethers? You need to read the instructions for baby teethers. Different baby teethers have different disinfection methods. Some baby teethers will deform after being boiled in water, and some baby teethers can be sterilized with high temperature or a sterilization cabinet.

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Therefore, only part of the baby teether can be boiled in high-temperature water, scalded with boiling water or sterilized with a Pacifier Sterilizer. If it is boiled in water, it should not be boiled for too long. About five minutes is appropriate. However, many baby teethers are not resistant to high temperatures, so they can only be soaked in warm water or neutralized lotion (food grade detergent washing product), then washed with warm water, and then wiped clean with a towel before use.

Putting baby teether in the freezer of the refrigerator will also have a disinfecting effect. The gutta-percha is a good way for babies to bite. Another method is to soak the teether in a disinfectant for a few minutes, then wash it with warm water and scald it with boiling water, but this method smells of disinfectant, so this method is not recommended.

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