Causes of breast milk spills

Causes of breast milk spills

Sep 18, 2021XieYifang

Infant spilled milk is caused by many reasons, the most important ones are the following reasons:

1. Improper feeding, such as swallowing milk too fast, swallowing more air during feeding, turning the baby too much after feeding, etc.;

2. Various infections, such as vomiting caused by gastrointestinal type upper flu;

3. The vomiting of milk caused by neurological diseases usually presents ejection and is accompanied by obvious symptoms of systemic poisoning, such as fever, convulsions, and bulging of bregma;

4. Surgical diseases, such as congenital pyloric hypertrophy, congenital dysrotation of the intestine, and Hirschsprung's disease. Generally, there are symptoms such as weight loss, weight loss, and abnormal stool;

5. The gastric mucosa is irritated, and the baby's taking erythromycin, sulfa drugs and other drugs can easily cause vomiting;

6. Gastroesophageal reflux.

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What is spilled baby breast milk?

Infant spilled milk is a normal physiological phenomenon and does not require special treatment. In order to reduce milk spillage, you should be careful not to feed the baby immediately after crying, because crying can swallow air, which is the direct cause of spilled milk. Do not let the baby suck an empty bottle, let alone coax the baby by sucking the bottle.

After breastfeeding, you can gently pick up the child, let him lie on the shoulders of the adult, and pat the back gently. If you can hit a full hiccup, you can prevent milk overflow. After breastfeeding, you should place a suitable position according to the law of groping. At the beginning, you can try to lie on the right side to observe whether you vomit. If you do not vomit, then adopt this position in the future.

It is common for newborns and infants to vomit due to improper feeding, and it can be sprayed when the amount is large. If the vomiting is large, it can slow down the weight gain. The main cause is that the breastfeeding water or supplementary food eats a lot, or swallows too much air. Causes vomiting, and when the mother’s nipple shrinks or feeds with milk, there are too few nipples perforated and too much air swallowed.

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