Children with repeated colds should know how to care for them like this

Children with repeated colds should know how to care for them like this

Oct 12, 2021XieYifang

The baby's body is relatively fragile, and the immunity is low. The bacteria and viruses from the outside are very easy to cause harm to the baby's body. Many parents are very worried. Their babies often have colds and fevers when they are young. So, how should parents take care of their babies when they have a cold? Parents who don’t know yet may wish to take a look together.

Common cold and influenza

To relieve children’s symptoms after catching a cold, parents must first have a clear knowledge and understanding of colds. There are two types of colds, one is the common cold and the other is the influenza. If the child has sneezing, runny nose or sore throat, these are all symptoms of a common cold. If the child has body soreness, fatigue, and high fever, it is an influenza.

Do I need medicine if I have a cold?

After clarifying the difference between the two colds, many parents will ask. Do I need to give my child medicine after catching a cold? In fact, taking medicine is only to temporarily suppress the symptoms of a cold. In the end, the resolution of the illness depends on our own immune system. Generally speaking, if the child has a cold after the symptoms caused by the disease, the baby will feel uncomfortable. We will give the child medicine.

What should I do if my child catches a cold repeatedly?

Many parents said that their children caught a cold just after they caught a cold. What should parents do when their children have repeated cold symptoms? In fact, children have recurrent colds because their children’s resistance is relatively weak, so parents should take care of cold prevention in normal times, let children wash their hands frequently, pay attention to personal hygiene, prevent bringing children to crowded places, and avoid cross-infection.

My child has a cold, how do I care for it when I don’t take medicine?

A cold is a self-limiting disease, which usually heals itself within 7 to 10 days. If your child's cold is unwell, you can take symptomatic medicine and follow the doctor's advice. If there is no discomfort, then parents should arrange for their children to rest more at home, drink plenty of water, and keep the humidity in the home at about 50%. In addition, we must ensure that the home is frequently ventilated to avoid the growth of bacteria.

How to care if the child keeps coughing?

Many parents say that their children keep coughing after catching a cold and are very worried about their children's health. So how should their children care if they keep coughing? Parents are not allowed to drink honey water for their children. Of course, children under one year old are not recommended to drink honey.

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