Children always accumulate food and love "Sleep on your stomach"

Children always accumulate food and love "Sleep on your stomach"

Oct 12, 2021XieYifang

Bringing a baby is "a difficult time for a difficult time" for Bao Ma, because the child's body is delicate, and he often encounters such and other problems as he grows up. Facing these delicate problems, Bao mothers really broke their hearts. .

A few days ago, I was walking the baby in the square of the community. I talked to other mothers about it. Several people mentioned that the children could not eat or sleep well. They all looked helpless. One said, "My baby is eating and chasing her ass. After feeding, I didn’t eat too much, eating less, and accumulating food for three days, night sweats when sleeping, like to sleep on my stomach, and woke up crying in the middle of the night.”

Because of the baby's suffocation, many mothers are wary of their children's "sleeping", wake up several times a night, help the children to turn over. In fact, children pouting their butts to sleep like an "ostrich" may not be a habit or naughty. They have a bad spleen and stomach and discomfort in their abdomen. They are just like adults when they sleep with a stomachache and bloating. Going around, of course you can't sleep well. Sleeping on your stomach can relieve your discomfort by pressing on your abdomen.

It’s said that “children’s spleen is often insufficient”, and food accumulation often occurs when they are young and weak in digestion. Some parents feel that food accumulation is simply a matter of eating support, and digestion and digestion will be good after two days. This is a big mistake. Wrong, always eating not only affects sleep, but also the function of the spleen and stomach will gradually become weak. If you eat less, the food will also accumulate in the intestines and cannot be digested. The spleen has a low efficiency in absorbing and transporting nutrients, and children cannot get sufficient energy supply. , The immune system and other systems can be weakened, development slows down, and the health and development of the child will be affected.

Why does your child love to accumulate food? Pediatrician: nothing more than 4 reasons

1. The diet structure is partial to "meat"

During the growth stage of the child’s body, it is important to ensure adequate nutrition in the diet, but it is not only the high-protein and high-fat foods such as meat, eggs and milk that are nutritious. According to the children’s diet pyramid, the proportion of grains, fruits and vegetables is higher than that of meat. If the child’s usual dietary structure is “meat”, eating less vegetables and more meat, the burden on the spleen and stomach will be too heavy, and the child will easily accumulate food.

2. Like cold, fried, and sweet food

Children eat food without considering nutrition and health. They have a soft spot for sweets, fried foods, snacks and cold foods. Parents need to control them. These foods stimulate the stomach and are difficult to digest, which will reduce the function of the spleen and stomach and increase the burden of digestion. .

3. Overfeeding

One is that children are greedy, "the stomach is full and the eyes are not full". They also like to eat at the interval of three meals. They often eat to support, causing indigestion. The other is "there is a kind of hunger that makes your mother think you are hungry." , Bao Ma always worry about the child's lack of food and lack of nutrition, like to chase the child to feed, persuade the child to eat more, often exceed the maximum tolerance of the spleen and stomach, let the child accumulate food.

4. The food eaten is messy and conflicting

Babies have delicate spleen and stomach, and they have stricter food requirements than adults. Therefore, mothers with babies should learn some knowledge of scientific diet. Do not give children some messy and conflicting foods, such as sweet potatoes and eggs, and cold foods. It is best not to mix with hot foods, lest they "fight" in the stomach and intestines, and damage the digestive function of the child's spleen and stomach.

Parents usually do 2 more things to ensure good digestion of the child's spleen and stomach:

1. Three meals regularly, seven points full

"If you want children to be safe, three points of hunger and cold", parents should change their children’s thinking that the more they eat, the better, and develop good eating habits for their children. , To reduce the burden of digestion.

2. Drink Jiao Gizzards often to eliminate food and lead to stagnation

Give your child a cup of Jiao Gizzard every three to five, which can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and secretion of digestive juices, promote the decomposition and digestion of food, clean up accumulated food in the intestines, improve intestinal immunity, enhance the spleen's nutrition, and restore physical fitness Good, healthier growth and development.

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