Classification of complementary food tools

Classification of complementary food tools

Jun 01, 2021XieYifang

Supplementary food supplementation is a problem that many mothers attach great importance to. Except for instant rice noodles and fruit puree, mothers are more willing to make caring and fresher and healthier food supplements for their babies. At this time, you may need an ally-a powerful one. Food supplement tools.

Food supplement tools can be roughly divided into three categories: grinding bowls, food supplement machines, and cooking machines.

Grinding bowl

The price is cheap, but the personal experience is really tasteless. For the baby at the initial stage of supplementation, the grinding is not fine enough, and it is inconvenient for the baby to swallow, and it is more difficult to grind manually, so it is not used twice.

Food supplement machine

It integrates steaming, cooking and mixing, and it is easy to operate. Generally, you can make a variety of complementary food purees by just cutting the ingredients and throwing them in. It is very delicate and suitable for babies who have just added complementary foods. It is indeed a good thing that saves time and effort. But the baby's growth and development is very fast, especially after the deciduous teeth erupt, if you still eat mud-like things for a long time, it is very unfavorable to the development of teeth and chewing ability. Therefore, the use of baby food maker is mainly for babies under 8 months of age.

baby food machine

Cooking machine

It also has the function of grinding and stirring. Now there are new models with heating function on the market. Even if it cannot be heated, this link can be replaced by a steamer, and the food cooked by an open flame is heated more evenly and cooked more. through. More importantly, the cooking machine has powerful functions and large capacity, which is more suitable for the whole family.

Cooking machines usually include broken wall cooking machines and hand-held cooking sticks. The price of broken wall cooking machines ranges from several hundred to several thousand. Generally, the capacity is relatively large. The small amount of ingredients will affect the production effect. It will be wasted if the baby can't finish it, so if it's just a baby food supplement, it feels a bit "overkill". If it is a cooking machine for the whole household, it is recommended, but it is recommended to choose a more expensive and more professional brand. There are still certain differences in terms of function, taste of the finished product, and comfort of operation.

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