With this to help you easily make complementary food

With this to help you easily make complementary food

Jun 01, 2021XieYifang

In the infant stage, breast milk or milk is the most ideal food for the early growth of a baby. But as the baby grows up day by day, with the growth and development of the baby and the increase in nutrient requirements, breast milk or cow milk alone cannot supply the required nutrients; the secretion of breast milk decreases; the storage of iron and zinc in the baby's body decreases. It is for the above reasons that the addition of supplementary foods other than dairy products is very important.

Regardless of whether breastfeeding or other feeding methods are used, supplementary foods should be added in time when babies are 4 months old. Supplementary foods refer to foods other than milk, such as baby rice noodles, fruits, vegetables and meat. Cereals fortified with various nutrients are the first solid supplementary food ideal for babies.

Adding supplementary food in time, in addition to supplementing the baby's required nutrition, can also exercise the baby's ability to chew and swallow food and digestion in the gastrointestinal tract, and prepare for weaning. In one year after birth, to complete this transition, babies must gradually change their food traits (such as from liquid to semi-liquid to solid food) according to the baby's development (including feeding skills, digestive function and kidney function) and Feeding method (from teat, bottle to cup, bowl, spoon, chopsticks). After a gradual process of adaptation, the baby will not be psychologically rejected or cause digestive disorders due to sudden changes in food traits and eating patterns at the time of weaning.

Babies can gradually start adding complementary foods after four months of age. However, due to the characteristics of the development of the baby’s digestive system, the addition of complementary foods needs to follow the principle of from less to more, from thin to thick. It is best to add fruit juices and vegetable juices at the beginning. Then start adding rice soup, egg yolk, etc.

Special advice from nutrition experts: Baby food should not be added with salt, flavors, preservatives and excessive sugar. It is better to have natural taste, rich and balanced nutrition. Some baby foods on the market have a "strong" taste or scent, which may be due to the addition of seasonings or flavors such as salt. Young parents must pay attention to the formula of the product when buying baby food. In fact, some foods have a lighter natural taste, but they are delicious to babies. The taste preferred by adults is not necessarily suitable for infants and young children.

Baby Food Maker

Many young parents, in order to save trouble, buy ready-made complementary foods for their babies, but they do not know that this approach is not approved. So, are there any tools that can be easily replaced when making complementary foods for babies? Of course, it is a baby food maker. The multi-functional baby food supplement machine can provide you with steam heating, stirring and constant temperature preservation. It is suitable for all fruits, vegetables and meats. It can also heat milk, keep warm, and even self-sterilize.

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