Create a scientific feeding atmosphere

Create a scientific feeding atmosphere

Jun 17, 2021XieYifang

Based on the advantages of the Weibo platform, and with the operation of hot topics, #Maternal Infant and Children's Book# has become a concentration camp for maternal and child consumption boutique content. Many blue Vs gather in the supplementary food and nutrition area, and the Pacific parent-child, fashion parenting and other vertical media blue V and 10+ Brand Blue V actively participates in discussions with topics, and has a strong linkage to call for scientific feeding.

Among them, the European organic baby food brand Xiaopi took the lead in cooperating with the official operation of Sina Parenting, mobilizing star mother Ying Caier, and a team of doctors and experts to jointly create a sub-topic #Complementary Food Nutrition Science Hall# to spread the topic around the brand's core and communicate with the public with in-depth parenting content. , Successfully reached the third and sixth positions on the Weibo hot search list, effectively reached the Weibo maternal and child interest groups, strengthened the brand’s social voice in multiple dimensions, and strongly bundled the "high-speed rail" and "easy absorption" to make "fussy mothers choose children" The refined parenting concept of "Pi" penetrates into the heart of Baoma, and at the same time creates momentum for e-commerce activities.

A guide to raising a baby in the new era, how consumption affects a child's life. #Collection of Maternal and Infant Collection# will provide more and rich parenting dry goods knowledge to accompany novice parents to grow up! Vol.2 Children's Toys and Vol.3 Washing and Care are currently underway. Welcome to search for #Maternal, Infant and Children's Book# on Weibo to participate in the hot discussion, raise scientifically, and share new things in parenting life!

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