How to make babies fall in love with complementary foods?

How to make babies fall in love with complementary foods?

Jun 18, 2021XieYifang

Babies who are accustomed to dairy products may not be accustomed to the taste of complementary foods when they start to add complementary foods, and may resist eating complementary foods or eat very little. There are some ways that mothers can make babies fall in love with complementary foods, such as matching different ingredients and changing cooking methods. They should also give appropriate encouragement to babies who have successfully eaten complementary foods.

1. The best time to feed supplementary food is before feeding the baby. When he is hungry, he is more interested in accepting new food; at the same time, he needs to fix the feeding time so that he can develop a regularity. When the time is up, he will know It's time to eat supplementary food with spoon and small bowl.

2. Don't feed too much at the beginning.

3. If your baby doesn't like certain foods, you can feed him other kinds of foods first, and then try them after a period of time.

4. If the baby does not like to eat some kind of complementary food, the mother can also change the cooking method and use different flavors to attract his interest.

5. When the baby is willing to try new foods, parents remember to encourage him.

The principle of adding supplementary food for babies is that when adding supplementary food, it should be based on the actual needs of the baby and the maturity of the digestive system, and follow the principle of gradual progress. Parents must be patient, and can't force the baby to accept complementary foods all at once. This will be counterproductive and make the baby even less fond of complementary foods.

One kind of complementary food should go through an adaptation period of 5-7 days, then add another kind of food, and then mix and eat from one kind of food to a variety of foods after adaptation. The first supplementary food added is rice noodles, because rice protein is rarely allergic. Each new food may be tried many times before it is accepted by the baby. If indigestion occurs, the supplementary food should be suspended, and when it returns to normal, start from the starting amount or smaller.

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