Does water in the breast pump affect storage?

Does water in the breast pump affect storage?

Jun 23, 2021XieYifang

Does the breast pump have water affecting storage?

Water in the breast pump will affect the storage of milk.

If the breast pump is sterilized and the water in it is steam or boiled water, it is best to let the baby eat the breast milk within 24 hours, otherwise it should be thrown away. If it is tap water, it should be thrown away at the beginning, and it cannot be stored for the baby to eat.

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How to use a breast pump correctly

1. Clean and disinfect in time

The cleanliness of the breast pump is not only related to the use of the breast pump and the breast health of the mother, but also to the hygiene of the baby's entrance. Therefore, cleaning and disinfecting the various parts of the breast pump is a must-do homework every day.

2. Clean the breast pump

Breast milk contains a lot of fat, it is easy to leave a large amount of grease in the accessories of the breast pump, and it is easy to slip and affect the suction. At this time, a safe lotion that can dissolve grease can be used to clean all parts of the breast pump to prepare for normal use next time. If mom wants to pump several times a day, control the frequency of washing. Generally speaking, it is enough to clean with a cleaning agent once or twice a day, and usually only rinse with clean water, because excessive cleaning and disinfection can easily cause premature aging of the breast pump accessories and reduce the service life of the breast pump. And do not use cleaning tools and detergents containing antibacterial ingredients to avoid damage to the plastic.

3. Disinfection of breast pump

There are two ways to sterilize breast pumps: boiling and steaming. Relatively speaking, the steam method is safer, not easy to damage the breast pump, and has a better disinfection effect. When choosing the boiling method for disinfection, mom should pay attention to the amount of water in the pot so that the breast pump can float on the water. The cooking time should not be too short, but not too long. Generally, it should be about 10 minutes, and don't leave the person, so as not to cause the breast pump to deform and become unusable.

No matter which method is used for disinfection, even if the mother who has just finished giving birth has a higher breast pumping frequency, the breast pump can be disinfected only 1 to 2 times a day to avoid premature aging of the breast pump. Mommy must pay attention to disinfection according to the instructions, because some breast pumps are not suitable for steam disinfection.

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