How to disinfect the pacifier?

How to disinfect the pacifier?

Jun 23, 2021XieYifang

Boiling water disinfection

Boiling water disinfection is an effective way to kill germs. Parents often encounter difficulties in the process of sanitation and disinfection. It is generally recommended to boil the pacifier in boiling water for two to three minutes for disinfection. However, many parents are not easy to grasp the appropriate time, either for too long or too short.

The nipple should not be boiled for too long, as this will increase the surface viscosity, appear pores, and accelerate the aging of the material. If the appliance is not completely immersed in water or bubbles accumulate on the surface, the result will be the same as when the boiling time is insufficient. This may slow down the aging of the material, but it cannot completely and effectively kill the germs.

UV Light sterilization of pacifier sterilizer

There are a variety of functions and brands of electric pacifier sterilizers on the market. Parents can choose according to their needs. The sterilization method only needs to follow the instructions to achieve the purpose of sterilizing the feeding equipment.

Before using the Pacifier Sterilizer to sterilize, thoroughly clean all the baby bottles, pacifiers, baby bottle caps and other items, and then put them together, press the switch, and the power supply will be automatically cut off when the sterilization is completed.

Portable Pacifier Sanitizer

How to use pacifiers correctly

1. Don't use it for perfunctory

Parents don't like their children to be disturbed when they are busy, but they must not perfuse their children and use pacifiers for them at will.

2. Choose the style suitable for your baby

Not all pacifiers are suitable for your baby. It is best to let your baby try it out and choose a pacifier that your baby loves and is comfortable.

3. Clean before and after use

In order to ensure the hygiene of the pacifier, it must be thoroughly cleaned before and after use by the baby and stored in a clean place.

4. Remove the pacifier promptly after a deep sleep

Sleeping and sucking the pacifier will adversely affect the baby's teeth development and breathing, so it must be removed after the baby is asleep.

5. Don't wrap the fixing strap around your baby's neck

Some parents are afraid that the baby will throw away the pacifier at will, and like to install a fixed belt on the pacifier. At this time, remember not to wrap the pacifier belt around the baby's neck to avoid the danger of suffocation.

6. Don't use it for a long time

Long-term use of pacifiers can easily lead to tooth deformation. Therefore, before the baby is 2 years old, we must let them quit.

How to help your baby quit pacifiers

1. Slowly reduce the number of uses

Minimize the time and number of times the baby uses the pacifier, dilute it, and let the baby slowly forget the existence of the pacifier. In this process, parents must persevere and don't give it to the baby whenever he makes a noise.

2. Help your baby build a sense of security

Some babies rely on pacifiers because of lack of security, so parents usually need to spare more time to accompany the baby, give him more care, spend more time to meet the baby’s needs, accompany him more, and let him have enough A sense of security.

3. Use toys to distract your baby

Distract your baby, give him some interesting toys, and let him forget about the pacifier during his busy play. After you don't love the pacifier, you can quickly quit.

4. Do not use methods of beating, scolding, or frightening

In the process of quitting pacifiers, some babies are easier to quit, while others are difficult. For babies who are difficult to quit, parents should not use intimidation or frightening methods, let alone apply chili oil on the pacifier.

5. Take the baby's favorite cartoon character as an example

Show your baby’s favorite cartoon character, and then the parents seriously tell the baby that this cartoon character he loves does not use a pacifier, and the baby should take it as an example. If the baby loves this cartoon character, he will definitely take it as an example.

6. Do more outdoor activities

Often take your baby to walk in the garden or nearby park to do outdoor sports. Let your baby get in touch with other little ones, and focus on playing.

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