Encyclopedia knowledge of complementary food machine

Encyclopedia knowledge of complementary food machine

Jun 08, 2021XieYifang

Why do babies need a baby food maker?

The best thing about buying a food supplement machine is its convenience. You can make a lot of food for your baby anytime, anywhere, and these foods are very suitable for babies. Most of the time, it is troublesome if we cook vegetables and fruits for the baby, because the baby is too young to chew food like an adult. Therefore, the baby's food can only be directly made into a puree with the food supplement machine, so that the baby can supplement all aspects of nutrition that the body needs.

What are the functions of the baby food supplement machine?

1. High-temperature steam cooks quickly without nutrient loss;

2. Stir evenly and thoroughly, easy to eat, stable power, with high-hardness copper blades;

3. LCD display, the work is clear at a glance; CNC operation, the cooking time can be selected according to actual needs;

4. Trigger protection device, only when the cooking shell is firmly installed, the power is turned on, otherwise the machine will automatically power off to ensure safety;

5. Split structure, easy to clean.

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How to choose a complementary food processor?

How to buy a complementary food food maker, the key is to start from the demand, if you just want the juice extraction function, you can only choose this kind of cooking machine, if you just want the mixing function, there is no need to buy a steaming and mixing function Cooking machine, after all, the latter is still slightly more expensive. For minced meat made into minced meat, in fact, manual chopping can also have this effect, so there is no need to buy a cooking machine with stirring function. Finally, if you just want to buy a pot to cook soup and porridge, you can buy an electric stew pot, the effect of stewing food is still good, more delicate.

How to choose a food supplement food machine wisely must start from these four aspects:

1. Choose an electric/manual food machine

There are manual and electric food supplement processors. If it is electric, you need to consider the safety of the machine, such as whether there is power-off protection, whether it will automatically cut off the power, and whether the operation is convenient. If it is manual, you must consider whether the machine is durable and whether the steps are cumbersome.

2. Is the food processor safe and non-toxic?

The material of the machine that is in close contact with food must be safe and non-toxic. Pay attention to the material when choosing a food processor. It is best to choose food-grade plastic to avoid chemical substances.

3. Do not consider cooking machines that are inconvenient to clean

Because the food processor is multi-functional, the structure is more complicated. Generally, the food processor has a lid, a filter, a blade, a juice cup, a slag cup, etc. Whether these parts can be removed for cleaning, if not, it is more tangled.

4. What is the use of food if it is not smooth?

The reason why I buy a food preparation machine is because the food becomes smooth after passing through the machine, which is better than manual operation. Of course, whether it is convenient to use is also very important.

What are the points to pay attention to in the complementary food machine?

Safety: Be sure to see clearly the materials of the parts in contact with food. The materials currently considered safe for babies are PP (marked with the number 5 on the bottle) and tritan. Try to avoid PC materials (marked with the number 7 on the bottle);

Professionalism: How is the blade designed? Is it delicate enough to make hard things like green beans?

Convenience: The fewer operating steps, the better, which is convenient for elderly people with babies to operate and save time;

Easy to clean: Choose one that is convenient for cleaning, not only for saving trouble, but also for the baby's cleaning consideration. Cleaning is inconvenient, and it is easy to cause the baby to get sick from the mouth.

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