Heat baby food with a bottle warmer

Heat baby food with a bottle warmer

Jun 07, 2021XieYifang

Whether you want to stir your baby's milk powder or feed expressed breast milk. The temperature of baby milk should be around 30 to 35 degrees. If you heat the bottle in the pot, the whole thing will boil too fast. It may also become too hot in the microwave.

Therefore, the baby bottle warmer is very practical. You can use it not only to heat baby bottles, but also to heat or keep baby cans and complementary foods. In addition, some devices can also be used as a steam sterilizer for pacifiers and pacifiers at the same time.

Baby Instant Warmer

Advantages of milk warmer:
Gently heat to the right temperature
Energy saving
Insulation and defrosting function
Sometimes suitable on the go

Disadvantages of breast warmer:
Descale equipment regularly with water
It takes a few minutes to heat up

The bottle warmer initially has a different heating method: most work with water and use steam for heating. But some also pass infrared.

There are also supplementary food heaters that you can charge via USB or use with the corresponding adapter on the car cigarette lighter. However, many jobs use batteries or power cords.

If you want to make it simple and are just looking for a solution to keep heated baby bottles warm during the journey, then the thermos bottle holder is your best choice.

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