Follow these five points, easy selection of maternal and baby products

Follow these five points, easy selection of maternal and baby products

Jun 18, 2021XieYifang

Entering the mall, a dazzling array of maternity and baby products greeted the eyes, making novice parents dazzled and wondering how to choose. There are many categories of similar options, and there are dozens of choices just for diapers. It is no exaggeration to say that there are no fewer than hundreds of branded non-branded products. Many parents like to ask others to buy what they see, but they often do not work well. What is suitable for others may not be suitable for them. How do parents and moms choose the right products quickly? Following these principles, it is easy to choose maternal and baby products.

Formula milk powder must have complete nutrients

What brand of milk powder to drink is the first headache for novice parents. Some people first look at the price and think which one must be more expensive. Others look at whether it is imported milk powder or not, and some parents choose formula milk powder based on advertisements. These are blind ideas without standards. When choosing formula milk powder, pay attention to its nutritional composition table, and try to choose a complete nutritional composition to fully supplement the development and growth needs of the newborn baby. It is best to choose fresh milk source, if the baby has poor digestion, you can give priority to formula milk containing OPO.

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Lightweight, Zen-like diapers give your baby more care

Newborns have very delicate skin. Parents who have babies know that newborns are prone to red ass. Diapers should be made of good material, strong absorption capacity and not easy to reverse osmosis. Unreasonable design, diapers are easy to leak urine, poor urine absorption or reverse osmosis is also very unfriendly to children's ass. Another point is that if the diaper is too thick, the child will feel "panic", increasing the probability of red ass. The current technology is very advanced. Some diapers are perfectly light and breathable and strong absorption, which is worthy of choice for parents.

Material safety of maternal and child products is the first

Choose the milk bottle and look at the material. Ordinary plastic milk bottles are cost-effective, but they are not resistant to high temperature and cannot be sterilized by high temperature. Moreover, the composition is easy to be unstable when exposed to high temperatures and release harmful gases. Many parents buy baby bottles made of glass, so there is no need to worry about the hidden dangers of bad materials, but the shortcomings are also obvious, that is, they are fragile, and they have to be replaced if they are accidentally touched. They also need to be very cautious in normal use. It is recommended that parents choose PPSU milk bottles, which are resistant to high temperatures, can be often boiled and disinfected, and are not easy to break, which can kill two birds with one stone.

"Accessible" toys are fun and safe

Babies like to bite things very much, and taste everything they like. When choosing toys, you must choose safe materials. The indicator "BPA free" can be paid attention to regardless of which plastic toys are purchased. There are some mouthable baby soothing toys, soothing towels or biting cloth books. Children generally like them. It is best to buy toys that are produced by regular manufacturers and have quality inspection reports. Keep your eyes open and choose "net celebrity" children's toys, don't be confused by gimmicks, because the material is not good enough to have hidden dangers to your baby's health.

"Class A pure cotton" clothing, the most personal choice for growth

Baby clothes must be made of pure cotton, preferably Class A cotton. Children love to sweat, and pure cotton clothes are more absorbent and breathable and comfortable. Some unqualified clothes have excessive formaldehyde, which can cause chronic harm if worn for a long time. Newborn babies should also follow the principle of softness and comfort when choosing clothes. Although denim clothes look good, it is recommended to wear less. For a month-old baby, a pure cotton one-piece is also an intimate choice, which is more beautiful without slamming on the belly.

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