Tips and precautions for babies with a blocked nose

Tips and precautions for babies with a blocked nose

Jun 18, 2021XieYifang

In addition to some common nursing methods, the baby's nose is not ventilated, you can also take a small coup to reduce the symptoms of the baby's nose. There are several small coups as follows:

1. Drink scallion water. Take 5 green onions, remove the green onions and wash them, add 40 ml of water, boil and cook on low heat for 3 minutes, add a small amount of sugar, put it into a baby bottle, and let the baby drink when the temperature is right.

2. Wet compress. When you feel that your baby's breathing is a little difficult, the breathing sounds are too heavy, or the nose is congested, use a wet towel to warm the base of the baby's nose. The congestion can be temporarily relieved.

3. Nasal drops with saline. Put 1 teaspoon of salt into 240ml warm water, put it in the empty bottle of used eye drops, hold the baby upright, drop 1 drop into each of the two nostrils, then let the baby lie down and use a nasal aspirator to secrete it Suction clean.

4. Play the role of wet cloth. If the baby has a runny nose, moisten it with a soft towel or gauze, take a corner clockwise and twist it into a cloth twist, gently put it into the baby’s nasal cavity, and then twist it counterclockwise while pulling it out, which will cause the secretions in the nose Take it out and repeat it several times.

5. Let the baby burp and sneeze. If the baby has a nasal scab, the easiest way is to let the baby cry for a while, wait for the tears to soak the nasal scab, make the nasal scab soft, then use a cloth twist to stimulate the nasal passages, make the baby sneeze, and remove the nose. Type the scab out.

When your baby's nose is blocked, don't worry too much. Pay attention to the following items to make your baby feel more comfortable.

1. When using cotton swabs, because the baby will move randomly and do not cooperate well, be careful not to damage the nasal mucosa with the cotton swabs.

2. The baby will use the method of sneezing to remove the foreign body from the nostril. When encountering cold air suddenly, it will also cause sneezing. This is a normal phenomenon. Unless you have a runny nose, you don't have to worry about it.

3. Let the baby breathe a little bit of moist water vapor to make the secretions in the nose easy to clear, and it can also relieve the symptoms of nasal congestion. You can put hot water in the bathroom to diffuse the water vapor, let the baby breathe for 3-5 minutes, and then clear the nose.

4. Pay attention to the problem of too dry air, the baby's nose will be uncomfortable, and the room needs to be humidified.

5. If the nose is dry and severely blocked, please ask a doctor to use a special small device to treat it. Do not treat it casually.

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