Food Arrangement for Seven-month Baby in 2021

Food Arrangement for Seven-month Baby in 2021

Jun 19, 2021XieYifang

The 7-month-old baby has started to erupt its deciduous teeth and can eat some foods that need to be chewed, such as boiled noodles and vegetable porridge.
The baby can continue to take breast milk, but because the nutrients contained in breast milk, especially iron, vitamins, calcium, etc., can no longer meet the needs of the baby’s growth and development, the calories provided by dairy foods are not compatible with the baby’s increasing amount of exercise. Meet the baby's needs.

During this period, the baby’s teeth begin to erupt, the ability to chew food is gradually enhanced, and the digestive function is gradually enhanced. Therefore, a small amount of chopped vegetable leaves, minced meat, etc. can be added to the porridge.

But it should be noted that when adding chopped vegetables and minced meat to the baby, gradually increase from a small amount. During the teething period, continue to give the baby biscuits, bake bread slices, etc., and let him practice chewing.

Food supplement for seven-month baby

To further add supplementary food to the baby, the added supplementary food should be rich and diverse, and match the meat and vegetable. At the peak of baby's development, sufficient calcium can promote the development of bones and teeth and inhibit abnormal nerve excitement.
Fruit juice: tomato juice, pear and lotus root juice, rice soup with minced vegetables.
Rice cereal: mashed egg yolks, mashed potatoes, strawberry mashed potatoes, apple cereal mashed.
Vegetables: carrots, potatoes, green beans, pumpkins.

Recommended food supplement recipes for seven-month baby

Fish mud

Ingredients: 50 grams of net fish meat

1. Put the cleaned fish into boiling water.

2. After cooking, peel off the fish skin, remove the bone spurs and grind the fish meat, then wrap it with a clean cloth and squeeze out the water.

3. Put the fish into the pot and add 100 grams of boiling water.

4. Serve until the fish is boiled softly.

5. Finally, put it in a bowl.

Efficacy: The protein contained in fish meat is all complete protein, and the amount and ratio of essential amino acids (amino acid food) contained in protein (protein food) are most suitable for human needs, and are easily digested (digested food) by the human body. Fish meat is rich in vitamin A, iron (iron food), calcium (calcium food), phosphorus, etc., and often eat fish also has the effect of nourishing liver and blood (blood replenishing food), nourishing skin and nourishing hair.

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