How to guide children's concept of money?

How to guide children's concept of money?

Jun 21, 2021XieYifang

In fact, children begin to know money when they are over 4 years old. At this time, parents can take out the money to let the children know about it first, and then buy a piggy bank for the children to hold the money. The children will feel that they are saving more and more money.

When the child is older, he can guide the child to spend money, let the child know how to save and spend money, let the child know what kind of things can be bought for 1 yuan, 5 yuan, and adults should continue to guide the child about what to spend and what to spend. The money to spend.

Gradually, children will have an understanding of money.

The girl is 8 years old. She doesn't want to go to school every day. She feels afraid of going to school, but when she picks it up every day, I see her having a great time. Once the child was very lively and felt very courageous before going to kindergarten. I was very worried about being honest after going to school for less than a year? Is it better to take the kids out?

The child’s situation is normal, just like other children who just started kindergarten: crying when they go to school, and happy again when they come back.

However, we can't worry, every child will feel scared when they leave their parents to face a strange environment alone, but as time goes by, they will not be so scared anymore.

Whatever you want at home, do whatever you want. Since we go to school and go to school, we must abide by the school’s rules and be aware of the rules. Just like when we go to work, we must abide by the company’s rules when we go to work.

Elementary school is a must. We can't say that we let our children wander around with ourselves. As far as we are concerned, most people don't have the ability to keep their children with us and train them by ourselves.

Going to elementary school to study in school is to cultivate the children's abilities in all aspects, and she needs small partners. We must not mislead our children's lives because of our own private wishes, and don't do that unless we have to.

Children should go to school and go to school, and they should have fun. We cultivate the courage of children from life. Take your time, don't be anxious, put your mind at ease, come on!

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