Four functions of a bottle warmer

Four functions of a bottle warmer

Jun 03, 2021XieYifang

1. Warm milk and heat preservation function

The baby bottle warmer, as the name suggests, is milk warming and heat preservation, and most mothers buy it for this. Sometimes babies drink milk intermittently, and sometimes mothers may give the baby too much milk powder. The babies can only drink half of the milk, and almost all the rest is poured.

In fact, the baby can continue to eat the milk powder within two hours, so put the remaining milk powder in the milk warmer for heat preservation, and the baby can take it anytime he wants to drink it later. This not only saves milk powder, but also allows babies to drink milk powder at normal temperature without losing nutrition. This is the fundamental reason why most mothers choose milk warmers.

baby milk warmer

2. Heating fresh milk

The milk warmer also has a heating function, which can automatically adjust the temperature up or down, and mothers can adjust the temperature to a fixed temperature. Sometimes some mothers squeeze out their own milk and put it in the refrigerator. If you want to give it to your baby, you must defrost it and then reheat it.

Milk warmers can meet this requirement. The heating function saves moms a lot of time for heating fresh milk. In addition, if moms have something they want to heat, they can use it as long as they pay attention to hygiene.

3. Milk function

The function of adjusting the milk is to keep the normal water at a suitable temperature, and then put it in the milk warmer for heating and heat preservation, especially when the baby wants to drink milk in the middle of the night. This function is very effective. The mothers only need to pour the milk powder directly into it. Just in the bottle. Compared with the manual temperature test, the temperature of the milk warmer is more accurate.

4. Disinfection function

After the baby is born, the body resistance is relatively poor, and the mother must pay attention to the hygiene and safety of the baby's daily life.

Especially in summer, if babies drink milk, if the bottle is not disinfected, there will be a rotten smell and bacteria will invade, but it is troublesome to disinfect every day.

Especially for working mothers, they may need to express milk every day, and the breast pump must also be disinfected. If you use boiling water for disinfection at home, it will be more troublesome and consume electricity.

The disinfection function of the milk warmer is very convenient, just press the switch to start disinfection directly. After the end, the milk warmer will automatically power off. If you want to use it, you can take it directly from the milk warmer, which is very simple and convenient, and it is very worry-free.

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