Bottle warmer & baby food warmer: gentle heating to the right temperature

Bottle warmer & baby food warmer: gentle heating to the right temperature

Jun 29, 2021XieYifang

Most of the time, your baby will let you know when it's time for their next meal. Then you need to warm milk, porridge or other baby food to the appropriate temperature as quickly as possible. A bottle or baby food warmer is the perfect tool. It can be set precisely and prevents the food from getting too hot. In addition, the baby bottle warmer does the work for you so that you can give your child your undivided attention. Many devices also work without a power connection - particularly practical when you're on the go.

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Why a baby food warmer is so useful

Regardless of whether you prefer ready-made baby food or meals you have cooked yourself, the baby food is always refrigerated and the milk is even frozen. You can of course also warm up in a water bath or under running water. However, you often do not find the right temperature here. And if your baby is already awake and hungry, waiting for the warmed porridge is much nicer when mom or dad takes care of the fun.

A baby food warmer ensures gentle and even warming up. Once the set level of heat has been reached, devices with a keep-warm function keep the bottle or jar warm and stable.

How do bottle warmers work?

The range and versatility of baby food warmers are extremely large. There are devices that use infrared rays to heat baby food. Others work with steam or according to the water bath principle.

The latter are filled with water and have the advantage of evenly heating milk food or food. If the devices have a keep warm function, you can organize your time flexibly. The bottle warmer maintains the desired temperature until the time of consumption.

Practical: Since the water is filled in each time it is used, such baby food warmers can be cleaned well and taken with you when necessary.

Clean the bottle warmer

Baby food warmers ensure hygienic and germ-free preparation. However, the helpers are also in daily use - and the jars warmed in them are not always vacuum-sealed. To make sure that the best possible hygienic conditions for the operation of the device are given, you should clean the bottle warmer regularly. The devices that work with water or steam can be wiped off with a damp cloth.

Not only the baby food warmers, but also the bottles, teats and jars as well as pacifiers should be rinsed and sterilized after each use. A sterilizer does this work for you.

Baby food prepared by yourself

When it's time to move on from the bottles to real meals, special baby food makers can help. The practical devices combine steam cooking and mixing. In this way, aromas and vital substances are retained. Puree sets for the first meals are also available for manual operation, together with containers, bowls and molds for homemade yogurt ice cream or fresh fruit puree with handles for small hands. This ensures that your baby tastes better when switching from the bottle to other foods.


Baby food warmers and bottle warmers make everyday life with your baby easier.

Bottle warmers ensure that baby food is gently heated.
The temperature can be adjusted, then baby food warmers with a keep warm function keep the food warm.
Thanks to the gentle heating, the nutritional value of the baby food is usually retained.
Baby bottles and jars should be sterilized after each use.

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