The efficient guide for parents on the subject of bottle feeding

The efficient guide for parents on the subject of bottle feeding

Jun 29, 2021XieYifang

Like so many things in life, efficiency doesn't just happen - you have to plan it! If you are feeding your child with a bottle, you can find out here how you can make your everyday life as simple and uncomplicated as possible. We'll show you how much equipment you actually need and give you practical tips on how to prepare and feed meals.

What are the basics?

Let's start from the very beginning: how many baby bottles do you need? And what about the accessories?

The ideal start looks like this:

Six baby bottles with teats and caps
A bottle brush
A Electric Breast Pump (when you are expressing)
Sterilizer and bottle warmer

The size of the bottle and the flow rate of the teat will depend on the age of your child. Therefore, please note the age information on the packaging. We recommend replacing teats every three months.

Also, don't forget to take other supervisors into account. Many mothers find it convenient to have some bottles on hand when someone is bottle-feeding their child outside of their own home.

Simple methods for preparing and feeding meals

Here are some tips to help you prepare your meals quickly and easily.

Label storage containers for milk so you can quickly see what is expiring and when.

Establish storage rules for milk to avoid waste.

When you're on the go, use steam sterilization bags for the microwave to save space in your handbag (ours can be reused up to 20 times).

Avoid kitchen clutter and hassle by using an electric steam sterilizer for baby bottles.
Use your uv light sanitizer box on pacifiers, breast pumps, and teething rings too.

Use a baby bottle warmer to thaw milk and warm it up evenly. This saves you time and preserves the quality of the milk.

Only warm up as much milk as your baby needs to avoid waste.

Include the whole family in bottle feeding. This allows other family members to bond, and mom can put her feet up every now and then.

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