How can pregnant women prevent osteoporosis, what else to do besides calcium supplement

How can pregnant women prevent osteoporosis, what else to do besides calcium supplement

Jun 16, 2021XieYifang

Old people with backache, leg joints swelling and pain, small bumps and small bumps can easily fracture, which are all manifestations of osteoporosis. However, osteoporosis is no longer a senile disease today. Pregnant women can also suffer from back pain, waist and leg soreness, which are typical manifestations of osteoporosis. What kind of medicine do you take for osteoporosis and how to prevent osteoporosis?

Pregnant women are prone to osteoporosis. Because calcium loss is serious during pregnancy, the growth and development of the fetus also need to absorb calcium from the mother. If the calcium intake is not enough, it will cause calcium deficiency, which will lead to cramps, backaches and even suffering. Osteoporosis.

What kind of medicine should pregnant women take for osteoporosis? The medicines for osteoporosis are: calcitonin, which is used to treat osteoporosis patients with fractures, which can effectively relieve bone pain; parathyroid hormone drugs are also The treatment of osteoporosis can promote bone formation. At present, the commonly used injection is basically subcutaneous injection, one injection per day, the effect is better, but the price is relatively expensive; these two drugs are usually used in the case of osteoporosis. Need to be carried out under a doctor's prescription. However, pregnant women are in special circumstances and cannot take drugs casually during pregnancy. In order to avoid harm to the baby by taking drugs, experts recommend that prevention be the first priority. So how do pregnant women prevent osteoporosis? Generally, calcium supplementation is the main method. Calcium supplementation methods can be supplemented by calcium tablets and calcium-containing foods.

Calcium supplementation for pregnant women can choose calcium tablets that are suitable for pregnant women and stick to it. Calcium for pregnant women will not adversely affect pregnant women. Calcium supplementation can make bones healthier and stronger, which is very helpful in preventing osteoporosis. Calcium has a good calcium for pregnant women (calcium carbonate D3 tablets). It has a high calcium content. One or two tablets a day can effectively supplement the calcium needed during pregnancy. It also contains vitamin D, which can better promote calcium absorption, like It is edible during pregnancy and lactation.

What medicine is taken for pregnant women with osteoporosis? Pregnant women are strictly forbidden to take drugs. You can eat enough calcium every day as mentioned above. Pregnant women should eat high-quality foods, but remember: eat less acidic foods in your diet. Acidic foods such as cheese can easily lead to calcium loss in the body. ! At the same time, pay attention to balanced nutrition, maintain the acid-base balance in the body, eat more calcium-containing foods such as beans and dairy products, and get more exposure to the sun to promote calcium absorption, so that calcium can be supplemented in all directions!

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